View Full Version : Was this Lara?

25-05-05, 11:45
I was watching TV last night and a commercial came on. It was cartoon-style and I swear the woman in it looked like Lara. She was wearing the trademark sunglasses, backpack and fingerless gloves. It looked as though she was wearing a blue wetsuit as well. The funny thing is that her eyes were green.
The commercial was advertising something called Simoniz alloy wheel cleaner. I managed to tape it and as soon as possible I'll get some screencaps up.
I'm not sure if this was just a coincidence or if the company simply used a similar image of Lara to attract customers.
Did anyone else see this?

25-05-05, 12:11
Oh, no! I seriously object if they advertise cars and car products associated with Lara! Cars and chicks..Lara IS NOT a CHICK! Why Lara..why not Paris Hilton?

But Im curious to see the screen captures..O_o

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25-05-05, 19:14
Let us all see the screen captures lol! we are curious!

25-05-05, 20:04
I will try and get them up tomorrow. I need to set up WinTV on my computer first http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif