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11-09-00, 10:17
this question never really seems to have been properly answered. You could run an on-going poll that people post votes to.

Anyway my order would be:
1st Tomb Raider
2nd Tomb Raider 3
3rd Tomb Raider:TLR
4th Tomb Raider 2

i think TR2 is by far the WORST , because there is not much atmosphere, the puzzles are often bad and they went way over the top on the body count, not to mention that stupid ending when lara shoots the camera as she gets into the shower, (See, i have finished it....lol)

11-09-00, 16:04
Mine are: 1. Tomb Raider
2. The Last Revelation
3. The Lost Artifact
4. Tomb Raider 2
5. Tomb Raider 3

I know that the Lost Artifact is an extension to TR3, but I liked it much better than TR3. Im not really sure why I just do.

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20-09-00, 00:38
Hmm, decisions, decisions... I don't think I could actually rate the games in order of how well I enjoyed them each. I don't really think I have a favorite, I just like them all. Yes, I know a typical response from someone not ready to make a choice. hee hee. http://www.***************************/tlrboard/biggrin.gif

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Your so politically correct!! http://www.***************************/tlrboard/wink.gif

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It's so ironic that you say that Jenna, cuz some people tell me that I tend to be very diplomatic. Which sort of means I never give a straight answer, but hey! This is the general chat. http://www.***************************/tlrboard/biggrin.gif

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tlr online
21-09-00, 04:05
Ok, for what it's worth, The Lost Artifact is the best in the series (in my eyes), followed closely by Tomb Raider 2. Both games are mapped well, contain a fair amount of interactivity with other characters, and attention to detail, even musical score, are clearly evident in TR2.

21-09-00, 20:17
Yeh man I completely agree with you!

What's so bad about TR2 you mean old lot?!!! http://www.***************************/tlrboard/tongue.gif I think it was brill... http://www.***************************/tlrboard/biggrin.gif it may have been one small step for lara but boy was it a big step for mankind! http://www.***************************/tlrboard/cool.gif

I also think the interaction with other characters is clearly well done in TR2 and they tried desperately in TR3 to get it the same but it just didn't work out as well! http://www.***************************/tlrboard/biggrin.gif

Ok, Id best be off,
see ya round guys!
chick-pea http://www.***************************/tlrboard/tongue.gif

24-09-00, 18:23
Here's my opinion:

Tomb Raider 1 was the best by far. The atmosphere was perfect and the spikes and rolling boulders weren't used in excess like 2 and 3, so you weren't ready for them.

Tomb Raider 2 tried to concentrate on action and shooting more, but that was the weakest part of the first game so it wasn't as good.

Tomb Raider 3 was far too hard. You didn't get enough save points so you had to keep on repeating big sections only to die right at the end from a boulder that appeared without any warning.

I'm enjoying The Last Revelation so far. It's more like the first game, and they've tried to put in lots of new ideas that are mostly good.

26-09-00, 23:42
Am I luckily deprived? I play on the PC, and when I collect a save crystal, I just sort of smack into it and get health. At the very beginning of the game I couldn't save, then I ran into a crystal and could save whenever I want....in this is a flaw or what?

27-09-00, 00:56
No it's not a flaw, that is how the save crystals work on the PC. They act as one small medipack.

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03-10-00, 21:36
hi. first afriend of mine came and told me to try the lasr revelion but i was not convensed but now after 24 day's i'm a dicted to it so it's the best. thanx

Backschool Boy
05-10-00, 08:49
Well,I have not played all of the Tomb Raider games but it seems that the best so far are TLR then The first Tomb Raider then TR3 and finally TR2
Am I right????

07-10-00, 20:57
Yeh I see where yer coming from Xander! http://www.***************************/tombraiderforums//tongue.gif I still think TR2 wasn't that bad and the Lost Artifact is probably better than all of them! http://www.***************************/tombraiderforums//biggrin.gif

01-11-00, 21:01
Well, I personally like Tomb Raider 3, but my ideal Tomb Raider game would be the levels of TR3 and the graphics of TLR. TR Chronicles hopefully might be like that.

tlr online
01-11-00, 21:09
JHighMore: What did you like about the levels in Tomb Raider 3 ?

03-11-00, 00:03
gameplay-wise # 1
graphics-wise # 4

04-11-00, 15:57
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by tlr online:
JHighMore: What did you like about the levels in Tomb Raider 3 ?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I liked the Area 51 levels best, especially the first one. I dunno, they're just the best levels.

08-11-00, 02:03
Tomb Raider 2 has to be my favorite followed by 1, 3 and Last Revelation. The level design in the first two games is unparalleled(pretty good in TR3). Last Revelation is the best graphically (so far), but the difficulty was a little on the easy side.

I read an article that describes Chronicles as being even easier than TLR. Has anyone else heard about this?

3A Willy
11-11-00, 17:24
My order would have to be...

1. Tomb Raider
2. Tomb Raider TLR
3. Tomb Raider 2
4. Tomb Raider 3

Tomb Raider 3 was way too boring. I didn't enjoy it one bit. Hope Chronicles makes my no 1!

19-11-00, 02:52

are the best in my eyes..

28-11-00, 02:43
the next one....

29-11-00, 13:38
My charting of the tomb raider games would be as follows:

No.1: Tomb Raider: Chronicles
No.2: Tomb Raider 2
No.3: Tomb Raider
No.4: Tomb Raider: Last Revelation
No.5: Tomb Raider 3

The plot and puzzles and everything on part 3 was just a cheat cash in an badly done. I hated it so much I didn't even bother finishing it. There was nothing new in part 3. Chronicles on the other hand has the best script, best adventures, puzzles and everything, its great. Can't wait for the Playstation 2 instalment when Lara is dug up.

30-11-00, 00:06
Well Tomb Raider 3 just did it for me..that was the first Tomb Raider game I ever plyed and even though Ive now played all the others that one stays in my heart like a great album.Tomb Raider 3 is Stevie Wonders Songs in the Key of Life.
The only flaw was the frigging save game crystals.....when I played the game I didnt know about cheat codes .....duh.!!! it took me 3 frigging months to complete...was fun though........favourite levels...South Pacific..Antartica...London..Navada..and India in that order....

30-11-00, 00:59
well it is interesting the diversity of different answers...to my mind the original and TR3 are way ahead, but its good every one has different ideas!

Here are two related issues:

regarding TR3, the SAVE SYSTEM of limited crystals at set points some people have made comments that this makes it too hard. well although they probably should have had a few more crystals i actually think this is the best save system! This is becuase being able to save unlimited times at any point (as in TLR AND TR5) destroys the tension in my opinion. I mean you just do a difficult jump then you save, you know you will never have to do it again. Whereas in TR3 you have to make a Series of difficult jumps and you were really sweating as you knew you could not save! When you finally did get to the next crystal the sense of acheievement was greater.

Another point:TR LEVEL DESIGN. a few post up someone said the "TR3 levels were the best i duuno why they just were".
I think they were the best becuase of the variety , but primarily becuase of the LOGICAL solutions to the puzzles, and the balance of killing to puzzles.
A puzzle should be logical to solve, this is the single most important requirements in TR games, otherwise players become frustrated.
See, in CHRONICLES and sometime in TLR too....some of the puzzles are ILLOGICAL and just plain badly designed. Eg you can get to the 3 headed snake in Rome without killing the floating head, so then you kill the 3 headed snake but you only have 3 symbols so you cant open the gate...so you dont know whatto do next, and even worse THERE IS NO CLEAR INDICATION as to that you need to shoot the floaty head, so TR LEVEL DESIGNERS (if you ever read this)...this is BAD LEVEL DESIGN.
Now in TR3, as far i can remember, in all those MASSIVE levels..this never happened once or in the original TR, thats why i think their the best 2 games in the series (so far!) http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/forums/smile.gif Bye.

30-11-00, 01:31
dont you have to be a real dedicated die hard tomb raider player to complete number three? i know that in lots of ways it was superior to its predecessors but in some ways the sheer complexity of the route let alone some of the puzzles detracted from the playability. yes i did finish it. yes i did need a lot of help!

30-11-00, 03:25
I agree although there were limited Crystals to save it did give a sense of achievement after completing an action for example after finally beating the Spider monster in the cave at the end of TR3 I managed to get out of the cave and down to the part where the Helecopter is..then I got fryed by the guy with the Flame thrower..and by the way it had only taken me about 50 attempts to finally get that far........I think I woke the neigbours up about 3.30 a.m. with every swear word under the sun......but I went back a started that level all over again to get through it.....My wrists.hurt for weeks after that.....now is that dedication.

30-11-00, 03:29
PS.....loved the Theme music to Tomb Raider 3
why was it only used in that particular game....?

30-11-00, 08:16
I agree that part 3 was difficult, I guess that is part of why I was annoyed, I haven't got all day to sit around playing computer games all the time. With Chronicles I can get through it easily and that suits my busy schedule. I thought the graphics were rushed on part three, and I also thought the size of Lara's breasts had grown to a ridicoulous size since the first game. At that point they seemed to be getter bigger by the game and I didn't know where it was going to end. I thought she might end up like Lolo from eurotrash and I thought that was very cheap by the game makers. Also, I thought the plot and script was the abosolute worst on part three. Some of the film seqeunces actually made me burst out laughing at how melodramatic they were. At least chronicles is funny and well written, its almost like a film in itself. Does script and storyline mean anything to other tomb raider players? Hope so, hope its not just the size of her breasts etc. that attracts people.

I know I'm in the minority here when it comes to Tomb Raider 3 but I think it has something to do with the fact that all Tomb Raider fans fall in love with the first Tomb Raider game they play. I loved part 1 when I first played it and part 2 was like a bond film or something. So I felt let down by part 3 I guess. Then the great cliffhanger of part 4 brought something back to the series for me, and part 5 is just the coolest prequel/sequel ever all in one. Can't wait for part 6 on the Playstation 2, is this just a rumour I picked up or is it actually going to happen on the Playstation 2?

30-11-00, 12:16
for me the best one is always the one i am stuck on! the fact that you havent yet done it...thats why the next one remains the best! eidos needs the dollars...we can definitely look foward to more.

30-11-00, 17:52
I agree with you ARC when you say you felt let down by TR3. I felt that they made the game way too hard, and the stoy line was far fetched. The first game I played was TR1 and I was hooked after that. I loved the concept of a female Indiana Jones, with some at***ude and the ability to kick some butt. I have always been fasinated with myths, and ancient stories so this game holds special interest to me. That whole meteor, mutant thing was a laugh. On the other hand, I loved The Lost Artifact, TR3's extension. If Core and Eidos do continue with the TR series, what do you think will be their concepts to keep the game going and to keep it interesting without wavering from the original format?

30-11-00, 22:05
how about more dodgey storylines, awkward environments, tricky manoeuvres and of course nasty baddies?

02-12-00, 11:30
I just got TRC so I don't have much of an opinion yet. So this is my order:
TLR, TR2, and TR

TR3 doesn't even make it on my list, the main reason is half the time it didn't even make sense, the story was worse than anything I have yet experienced :|

But there is one thing I liked about TR3, it was the house. Why oh why did they get rid of it in TLR and TRC?

I did actually play TR3 though, I even got through Nevada without saving it just to win a bet.

02-12-00, 17:57
Glad I'm not the only one who dislikes Part 3. I think future storylines can be to do with almost anything as long as they are well written. For example, Lara could go into a tomb and find a civilisation that is connected with aliens in some way. She could get kidnapped and tested. The tests being monsters and strange landscapes to test the human spirit. Silly things like this and the silly things in part three could actually work if it was made clear Lara is the only one whos knows about it and the only one who can prove it. The general public (in the game that is) must not know she has been kidnapped or seen dinosaurs at the end of each game, if she said she did she would look a fool. The public (in the game) must see her as somebody who looks for things and occasionally finds a stone or two, and thats it. It seems from chronicles that she is quite famous, she was on the news in the beginning, but we don't know much of the details as we should do. What about her family? The fact we are left to think these things for ourselves is why part 3 didn't work, almost anything can be done with Tomb Raider as long as there is a well written reason or excuse, this was not done in part 3, which is why it is bad. I think something to do with Mars and the artifacts that might be there could be interesting. The baddies need to be better as well.

How many games have there been where the male hero has saved the weak feamle? Lara should have a boyfriend who she rescues from a baddie or something like that.

The city of Atlantis should be done properly as well. And NO MORE BLOODY EGYPT! Its getting on my nerves that place. At least the graphics will kick arse on the P2. Can't wait.

03-12-00, 01:54
i do like part 5 mind. the way its divided into four compact adventures instead of one almighty marathon. i did feel vaguely irritated at the time about not actually getting round to rattling off my oozies before eidos snatched them away....but i soon settled in!

13-12-00, 06:56
And here is my two cents. Tomb Raider 1 may not have been the best graphics and level-wise, but as far as which of the games I had the most fun with while actually playing it, the original TR is light years ahead of any other in the series. You have to remember, when this game came out, there was absolutely NOTHING on the market which even came close to Tomb Raider's graphics, interactive environments, music, etc. This game was the sole reason why I bought a playstation in the first place and also why I made the decision to pursue game software as a career rather than just a hobby. I am hard-pressed to find anything in game history which can come close to matching the sense of awe and wonder I got when Lara first walked into the coliseum or when the T-Rex came around the corner. I guess you have to have played all the games chronologically to understand where I'm coming from here. As far as the other titles, here goes: TLR, TRC, TR2, TR3. What were they thinking with three? Of course, I sat there and played the thing 'til I beat it, but I can only imagine how many potential Lara Croft's gave up on the game five minutes into that ridiculously difficult India level.

18-07-03, 12:59
The Angel Of Darkness is the best Tomb Raider!

What do the rest of you think?

Notice the date ;)


09-08-08, 21:52
TOMB RAIDER 3!! Followed by Tomb Raider 2...

My new favorite hopefully will be Tomb Raider Underworld. :)

09-08-08, 21:54
An eight year old thread? Just start a new one. You know better than bumping a thread, especially one this old.