02-12-00, 21:11
This interactive storey is for anyone to add to so please feel free..but please try to stay close to the Theme if possible..lol.

Tomb Raider on Mars is being written with the intention of inspiring any game creators out there who whish to take Tomb Raider to the next level with the Level editors etc.

The Storey begins with the closing scene FMV of Last Revelation....

As the bricks come crashing down on Lara, Von Croy stands there helpless...and then drops to his hands and knees in despair.
Overcome with terror he begins to claw at the rocks with his bare hands calling out "Lara Lara".."Its no use she's buried underneath tons of rubble" he says.

Then as if spontaneuosly the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, there is a smell of Ozone in the Atmosphere..a great wind blows up out of nowhere creating a sandstorm.and there is a loud sound like Thunder then a Bright light.

A Silver Craft appeears above the Great Pyramid ...for a moment then Vanishes...........

02-12-00, 23:37
.......Von Croy catches a glimps of the Alien Space Craft just as it dissapears, and although not beleiving his eyes has a weird feeling....Lara.

03-12-00, 01:48
keep going dude im rooted...cant wait for the next episode

03-12-00, 02:51
In the next FMV sequence the camera zooms in to a cylinder shaped misty room with metalic shining walls. All around the walls there are cryogenic compartments, each one with its own life support display panal underneath showing green the universal colour for health and vitality..(even in an Alien Space Ship..lol)Then the Camera zooms in close to one of the Cryo'S....
There she lays deep in Cryogenic slumber...our heroine....our almost forgoten adventure girl...yes its really her......."LARA CROFT"..even with her name on a plaque underneath the life support panal(well you..for the sake of newcomers to the Saga..lol).Of course there is also some Alien Hyreglyphs by the side of the panal in the Aliens own language.
Then the date flashes accross the screen to let us all know whats going on....20,12 A.D......

06-12-00, 11:42
have we finished the video footage yet? is this the start of the level?

07-12-00, 02:24
Sure Jon Jon.....Firts level is now underway...check out Level 1..(The Noo Noo's Malfunctioned)