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Commander ABE
09-01-01, 00:21
I didn't played Tomb Raider before but I love third body type games...
I want to buy all the series of TR and it has nothing to do with it that she have really BIG breasts! http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/forums/smile.gif

It's something like 154.92...
Should I?
Or it will be just big one disappointment?

Here's the chart I came up with:
Tomb Raider 14.99
Tomb Raider GOLD 9.99
Tomb Raider II 14.99
Tomb Raider II GOLD 9.99
Tomb Raider 3 24.99
The Lost Artifact 14.99
The Last Revelation 29.99
Tomb Raider Chronicles 34.99


Total 154.92

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09-01-01, 01:01
I don't know what US conversion is on $$ right now, but if you're looking for all the games, shop wisely. You can find I, II, and III packaged together for $29.99 US. That's at CompUSA... Here's a link to it...

I'd check eBay and places like that as well.

Commander ABE
09-01-01, 01:22
I'm from Israel...
And I thought to buy it directly from the TRStore.com...

Commander ABE
09-01-01, 07:26
But is it worth to buy all the games?

09-01-01, 07:57
I think it is! http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/forums/smile.gif

09-01-01, 12:35
Just shop around first!

09-01-01, 16:15
You ask, "Is it worth . . ."

WHOA!! You ask a bunch of die-hard Raiders if it's worth buying all of the games??? Most of us will tell you that after you've bought your first, you're hooked! At that point you'll run out and buy more anyhow. Might just as well buy them in quantity so you can try and get the best bargain.