View Full Version : Which game has the best story line?

13-01-01, 15:05
I think the last revelation has the best story line because it shows how Lara must stop Armageddon along the way , she rides on trains , goes to mini themes parks , rescues friends and she is always in contest with Von Croy.

16-01-01, 07:31
I concur.

20-01-01, 01:10
none of them!

20-01-01, 06:28
Tomb Raider on Mars......silly..!!!!

23-01-01, 01:06
I thought the plotlines of all of them were highly suspect but then we as a public dont seem to give a damn. 3 of the biggest seeling series have been Sonic, Mario and Pacman. plotlines there anyone?

things like Jazz Jackrabbit et al with always be with us. the fact that the plotlines made them unbeliveable didnt detract from the games at all. Anyone remeber how much fun Rainbow islands, or Wolfchild, or Strider, or Bubble Bobble were, back in the days of the C64 and 520ST's?

you know you do. stop looking ashamed... lol.