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11-04-01, 20:58
when i go into lara's home to do the training thing i can walk around in her bedroom and bathroom just fine..but when i go out on the balcony and try to go down the stairs all she does is roll forwards and backwards and jumps backwards...i can't move her around at all..anybody help me with this one??

11-04-01, 21:14
Which TR are you playing?

12-04-01, 01:37

12-04-01, 03:48
Well sense you are playing on the pc. Watch you buttons when you hit the up and down together you get her to roll and I have a hard time to with that feature. Push the walk button and keep turning until she steps forward then walk. There are glitches that can do that at times. You may even have to restart and walk out of the room try not to go near the wall... Good luck and hope this works....

12-04-01, 11:52
When I first started with TR3, I had a problem where all Lara would do was roll and then hop backwards until she ran into a wall. The way I got round it was (thanks to a reply to a bulletin board query) to boot up the PC without the joystick connected before loading the game.