View Full Version : Are they real?

21-07-01, 11:08
I have wondered if Angelina Jolies breast in Tomb Raider are real? I have tried to find information about it, but failed. So I hope somebody here on the forum have the answer.
(I'm serious)

21-07-01, 14:17
Well in an interview on MTV movie special AJ said that she was a 36C and in the film she was 36D so that kinda screams "padding" at me

01-08-01, 05:06
This may be wrong, but I have heard that she is a 36B,and she was a C in the movie, even though the video game character is a D. One thing I know for a fact is that she had to wear a special bra for the film.

02-08-01, 18:58
Tape combined with a wonderbra can do wonderous things. ;)