View Full Version : load screen "flickers"

30-11-05, 04:24
i was wondering why the loading picture of one of the rooms in my level "flickers" slightly when the next level loads. it's very subtle, but the image gets just a touch darker and then a bit lighter, and then darker, and then lighter etc., while the next level loads. is this normal? or is there a way to change this?

30-11-05, 10:50
Never seen that happen.

My load.bmp is flickering though when the game loads...

30-11-05, 16:13
aha! i think i can see a connection!

my load screen is a still picture, kind of like the load bmp when the game starts. what i did was, i created a picture for my level (like the ones in tr3), cut it into 64x64 texture tiles and texture a room with it. then i positioned lara in it to get the data, put that into the script.txt file and viola i had my new load picture when my level loads. perhaps it flickers because it's a flat image with now žD areas in the room? :confused: or maybe cause there is no lighting? i have no clue actually. lol

i'm trying to create the same effect like in the main menu of lara at them movies, only i'm doing it for the level load picture. how was that done in LATM? was that picture/room light in a certain way? i think that menu looks great! :D

30-11-05, 17:15
LATM was also a 'screenshot' pasted on a large wall with 64x64 textures.
And because it is the main menu a single flyby camera which keeps looping was used to show the image.

I don't know about the lighting of the LATM menuroom but Richard and I used the same thing in UB3 and it did require some lighting. Only ambient lighting, no light bulbs or anything like that. ;)