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05-04-06, 14:28
Heya :wve:

Does anyone here happen to be an expert on runes? Or at least know a thing or two about them? :)

05-04-06, 14:32
i dont Kam- sorry this wasnt what you were looking for.

05-04-06, 14:33
After reading "The Hobbit", I translated the runes on the maps and in other messages that were used in the book and from there proceded to drive everyone crazy by writing in nonthing else. This was about twenty years ago and I have since forgotten them.

I used to have a couple of fonts based on the runes that appear in "The Hobbit" and in "Lord of the rings".

Cant find them at the moment. Will look.

05-04-06, 14:36
I know! I can read and write them. :)
I learned it years ago. Fantastic way to cheat on tests at school.
What do you need to know?

If you want to read or write them, you can find the letters here.


05-04-06, 14:41
WOW- that must have been confusng to learn thorir

05-04-06, 14:42
Somehow I thought you might be able to help, Magne :D :hug:

Anyways, I'm looking for runes that mean a certain thing, not ones that represent letters :)

05-04-06, 14:45
Oh, OK. :) I have a book on the meanings of them. They can be used to predict the future, like tarot cards. Hold on, I'll look for explanations online. :)

05-04-06, 14:50
Tarot-cards cannot be used to predict the future :)

05-04-06, 14:52
i thought they could, my mum has a book on it. shes not inot it but i like reading the definitions(especially of death)

05-04-06, 14:55
Here are a few basic sites. :)





Runes are actually quite easy to learn. Just take a few days. I gave up on hieryglyphs!

05-04-06, 14:56
i thought they could, my mum has a book on it. shes not inot it but i like reading the definitions(especially of death)
No. Maybe you should read the book ;)

05-04-06, 14:56
Tarot-cards cannot be used to predict the future :)

Sceptic, are we? :p
I've used both tarot and runes on myself, and some predictions have been very accurate.

05-04-06, 15:51
Well, I've been thinking of these two, which are apparently from the same "family":
http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c152/Kamrusepas/Ken_Fire.gif http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c152/Kamrusepas/Ur_Power.gif

And I'd want one that means 'wisdom', preferrably from the same "family." Do you suppose this one's okay?

05-04-06, 16:29
Yes, that would be a good rune to indicate wisdom. It represents the Aesir kin, particulary Odin. What are you using these for?

(Btw, my name is from Odins grandsson and Thors son.) :D

05-04-06, 17:16
I'm thinking of having them as a tattoo. I just can't figure out where to take it. Any suggestions?

05-04-06, 17:26
Woah, a tattoo?!
Uhm... Then I definitely wouldn't really trust descriptions found on the internet! You should really do more research if you're thinking of a tattoo!

I mean, they ARE just letters. They just have this symbolic meaning because they were given to humans according to Norse mythology and were very practical to use at the time!

I'd rather suggest decorative runic symbols and patterns, rather than usual rune letters.

05-04-06, 17:31
What about some of these?


05-04-06, 17:45
But I want ones with those three particular meanings....

When I was having my first tattoo done, I did some browsing on the guy's rune-books [he had a lot]. Maybe I should try to locate them in a library or something :p

05-04-06, 17:51
You can also bind runes together. An example:


You could also do that with the ones you chose above, but I'm not sure about the Ur rune you chose...
I mean, if you just put the runes in the pic seperated it would just mean FT. Nothing special.

Read about rune bindings here. http://www.emsipe.com/thepractise/bindrunes.htm