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Lara Croft Fan Joe
05-04-06, 18:32
Ok, my freind asked me this and it really made me think, this may sound silly and you may think the answer would be obvious, but would you rather

A. Live FOREVER nothing can kill you, not even you, you cant feel pain at all, and you choose which age you want to stop aging


B. Die this week (sunday, you get to play legend:D), and you get to say goodbye to everyone you love.

I thought about it and i picked B, if you think about it youll understand why, which would you pick?

05-04-06, 18:35
I agree, B would be my choice :wve:. Being totally immortal would get seriously lonely and depressing :(

05-04-06, 18:36
i would not want to die this week but I would not want to live forever

05-04-06, 18:36
i would not want to die this week but I would not want to live forever


05-04-06, 18:38
Ay yi yi, those are two truly nightmarish scenarios. People say "who wants To live forever?" for a very good reason. I wouldn't dwell on such morbid questions too much if I were you :)

05-04-06, 18:38
B is the only real choice... A is just too extreme! I'd give A a try if I could at least kill myself when I'm tired of living.

05-04-06, 18:39
i dont think i could have coped with knowing i was gonna die in a weeks time, maybe if it was longer so i could do more stuff and acheve more things, but i would hate to live forever. have you seen the film death becomes her?

05-04-06, 18:41
B. I don't want to live forever, I'll end up feeling miserable when I realise I don't age, but my family and friends do. :(

05-04-06, 19:19
I'd love to see the futures techonology..

So A, I would choose when to die

05-04-06, 19:25
You are all so young! :p

I'd pick "A" at say... 32 y/o.
Yep, I would. The changes of seasons
I could deal with. And would flow with them.

05-04-06, 19:27
I would normally choose immortality- lonely and boring my ass! who here has lived forever before? sampling the delights of each age, cheating death, seeing the universe as only an immortal can!

...but all that crap about not feeling is just too restricting, I mean who would want to live forever if you couldn't do anything meaningful with that ability. :confused:

05-04-06, 19:44
i wouldn't want any if them. i don't want to live forever and i don't want to die next week.:)

05-04-06, 19:44
I'd pick B.

05-04-06, 19:55
What is the point of living if everyone I love dies?

05-04-06, 19:57
A. :)

05-04-06, 20:12
What is the point of living if everyone I love dies?

You can greet them when they they reincarnate...
and there will always be others. :)

05-04-06, 20:14
defenetly A. that would be like playing tomb raider with unlimited health packs :cln:
first stop: Bolivia. i would like to know how it really feels to swan dive off a cliff or be under a giant boulder ;)
what next...? i cant decide, there are so many tr adventures i would like to experience in real life. i would break in to the louvre and see if there really is an archaeological dig in the basement. and more and more

05-04-06, 20:16
I don't think they will reincarnate. I don't believe in that.

05-04-06, 20:16
Although option A sounds appealing at first, after thinking about it a bit I wouldn't want to live forever. Like Anubis said, the friends you make in that time you would have to watch them die, you'd be forever in mourning! I don't know, I just think it would be too depressing. So I'll go for option B :D

05-04-06, 20:22
I don't think they will reincarnate. I don't believe in that.

Neither do I actually,
but there would still always be others!:D

05-04-06, 21:01
I would pick B, because I just don't want to live forever. I don't want do die next week also, but there's no choice.

1) If you would choose A, you would defenetly get bored. After a (really long, very long) time you will get used to everything. Living is no fun anymore then.
2) And what if the sun is burned up? It will end in like years and then? Probably humanity will be gone a long time ago by then, and your friends won't survive more than 50-80 years.
3) Plus, if you get used to everything, there's only ONE thing you might want to try yet: Dying. You will desperately try to kill yourself and you will get nuts. There's no living anymore, even if you stay young and feel no pain, there's still pain in the hearth, and it hurts more than normal pain. I'm sure.

So: If you chose or would choose A, rethink now and try to see why you have to pick B.

05-04-06, 21:04
I would choose B. Living forever would be an eternal prison, and I think I'd go insane. I'd rather die happy, knowing I've lived a good life rather than never die at all and go crazy.

05-04-06, 21:20
I'd pick B. :)

05-04-06, 21:32
Essentially they're both just different routes to the same outcome... death is eternal, and if you live forever, you'll be around when nothing else is; much like death could be. So I'd probably pick A, so I could witness humanity evolve (and eventually become extinct), and being immortal I could explore the universe as I pleased and do things nobody else ever could, like see what the event horizon within a black hole is like.

fruity croft
05-04-06, 21:57
sorry i would pick a

tlr online
05-04-06, 21:57
A. :wve:

05-04-06, 22:25
A would double my lifespan. So why not?

05-04-06, 22:33
I would pick A so I could take the time to explore the whole world :D On foot! :jmp:

05-04-06, 22:33
I'll take my chances with whatever comes after death,so I'll go with B

05-04-06, 22:35
What is the point of living if everyone I love dies?

good point.

06-04-06, 04:57
I would choose A. If I had an eternity I could explore the world, learn everything, read every book and meet every person from now until eternity. I would definitely choose that over dying so soon.

Melonie Tomb Raider
06-04-06, 05:22
A. I wouldn't shorten my life that dramatically just to say goodbye. Plus, I'm a Christian, so I believe I'll see the people I love most in heaven. :)