View Full Version : Please use this great site for picture uploads

legend fan
06-04-06, 01:38
This site is new and iam trying to spread the word of it pls spread this about it is faster than imageshak.us and has no pop ups so pls check it out.

06-04-06, 01:54
Humm, looks alright. :wve:

But this probably shouldn't be posted here, since it is adverting a web site.. Though I might be wrong. ;)

06-04-06, 01:56
Why not just create a public FTP for everyone to upload to, I can make one prolly next month when I get some webspace...

06-04-06, 01:56
Hm, looks nice and simple enough. I think I'll stick to Photobucket though :wve:

Melonie Tomb Raider
06-04-06, 02:03
You might get flamed for advertizing... We'll see what the boss thinks. :p :vlol: