View Full Version : I can't sleep! HELP

06-04-06, 23:48
Can anyone help me get to sleep LOL, i cant sleep! Because im so excited.

I know this sounds silly, but can anyone give me any tips/methods for helping sleep?

I hate it when i know i have to sleep, but i cant, as i have an early start tomorrow to get TRL and im getting frusterated!:hea:

Thanks to anyone who can help:hug:

06-04-06, 23:49
Hehe, I just posted in the Open Chat that I don't sleep much these days. I think it's partially because my work has messed up my sleeping rhythm, but I just don't feel tired :p

06-04-06, 23:52
I feel tired, i just cant sleep, because im really excited for TRL, i hate it becuase i get so anoid! :hea:

I just wanna have a nice sleep! Lol

06-04-06, 23:57
1) Count sheep in your head.
2) Take a sleeping pill
3) Read a book on animal classification (zZzZZZzZZZzzzzZZ)

:jmp: Usually I am such an abused and sleep-deprived student that I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow so I don't have this problem very much. Except a few weeks ago when college letters came back for the people a grade above me. Then I couldn't sleep, horrified at the prospect that in a year, it will be me receiving those letters telling me whether I am accepted or rejected...*shiver*

07-04-06, 00:00
Does counting sheep really work.

I have those options drinks, a nice warm MILKY chocolate drink before i go to bed, will this help? i would have hawlicks, but its disgusting!

07-04-06, 00:09
1) Count sheep in your head.

Seriously, has that ever helped anyone? :p

07-04-06, 00:10
Seriously, has that ever helped anyone? :p

Yeah, that was what i was thinking. Lol


Hybrid Soldier
07-04-06, 00:14
Haha, just think about when trying to go to sleep... if you sleep, you'll just be that closer to getting TRL. :p

07-04-06, 00:14
Read a book, drink camomile tea, eat a lettuce sandwich or sleep with lavender.

All these things make you drowsy :p

Although it might not work if you are excited and your mind won't shut down. Just pretend TRL has been delayed until next month! :D

07-04-06, 00:19
Hmmm, im just gonna go and watch the mint on channel 4 untill i fall asleep, im guess theres no other way.

Thanks to everyone who came up with ideas! :hug:
See everyone tomorrow when i come on and post how good trl is! :hug: :cln:

07-04-06, 00:20
Seriously, has that ever helped anyone? :p
me lol before christmas!:D