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10-04-06, 01:51
Recently i received my report card and to my suprise was a horrible letter... which letter... *takes deep breath* an F and my dad told me a while ago if i get an F i will be off the computer until summer. Yes i said summer... Im not thinking he will make it that long but i will be gone for a while who knows how long a month, 2 months etc. or maybe just maybe he will let me slide on this ( omg makes me laugh saying that he is really strict ) so basically as the title explains it i will be gone... Im so sad i really dont want to leave. So many people i have began to love seeing everyday and now i will only gain access to the internet throug the spare 5 minutes of being at school. Im gonna miss everyone so much. Hopefully my dad at least lets me keep my PS2 so i can play legend... Anyways this is my last night on the forum for a while ( I might be on everyone once in a while but sadly not as much as usual ) Anyways just wanted to say so nobody thinks i fell off the face of the earth....

See you around...

10-04-06, 01:52
Oh sorry to hear that Lenochka. The same thing may happen to me too soon enough...

10-04-06, 01:53
Bye...., guess that means no more TATU for a while then...

10-04-06, 01:56
awww, i'm sorry to hear that, lenochka.:( see you around.:wve:

tlr online
10-04-06, 01:57
Good luck. :wve:

10-04-06, 02:00
Bye...., guess that means no more TATU for a while then...
And you think that's a bad thing?!

Just kidding :p Take care!

10-04-06, 02:02
Wished it was under better circumstances.


10-04-06, 02:04
=( I'm really sad you're leaving, Lenochka, but I think your dad is right. Maybe it's just because I'm a grade-obsessed freak going to a preppy expensive private school, but really, grades are really important to college and your future! Whereas a few months off the internet won't kill you. We'll miss your presence so much, and I hope you work hard and do great!

10-04-06, 02:05
Sorry to hear that! Bye! GOOD LUCK

Capt. Murphy
10-04-06, 02:06
You need to study the books and not the dy.... eh, nevermind. :o


10-04-06, 02:12
Aw that just sucks!
I know how that is and hope it works out that they give u a break.

10-04-06, 03:06
We'll miss you Lenochka but you really do need to study and pass your exams. Knowledge is very important and even things that you think will not be of use in your future surprisingly come back to haunt you in later years. I didn't think the science we had in high school would be much use to me in later years but when I started breeding birds and dogs I was surprised at how important genetics has become to me. It is invaluable when you are breeding for colour and for type. It can make all the difference in the world in breeding a champion. It's not just a matter of letting the birds pick their own partners and getting babies. You really need to think about which 2 birds you put together.

We'll see you when you get back.

10-04-06, 03:14
We will still be here when you get back. Your future is more important.
' Short time pain for long term gain'

10-04-06, 03:55
We will still be here when you get back. Your future is more important.
' Short time pain for long term gain'
nice quote :)

10-04-06, 06:13
bye... hope you improve!:hug:

10-04-06, 06:43
For the Win!

Best Wishes.

10-04-06, 06:48
Come back soon!We'll miss you:hug:

Melonie Tomb Raider
10-04-06, 07:00
Aww. :(

10-04-06, 07:26
So sorry to hear that:( I guess it might be for a good reason as you 'll have more time to study.
I'm sure if you prove to your father that you 're studing he'll give your computer back. Thank God he didn't take Lara away.
Though I can't exactly blame him for doing it......
But still I 'll miss you. Do your best and come back soon:)

10-04-06, 07:33
DREWY took off the words of my mouth. See you very soon :wve:

10-04-06, 09:16
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :(

I'll miss you.

10-04-06, 09:22
oh well **** happens but at least you'll enjoy it mroe when you come back. and your dad might not be so harsh once the ban starts. but awwww- we will miss you

10-04-06, 09:23
miiss you :wve:

10-04-06, 10:12
:( See you again soon. Miss you! :(

10-04-06, 10:17
Well im at school right now and have gotten done with alittle project we had to type up and i have 4 minutes of spare time os i decided to come on here. WEll my dad is leaving on a fishing trip later this month and he might let me on ( lets face it me home alone with a comp for a week of course im gonna go on and he knows it ) So basically he might let me on while he is left. He is really strict with getting of the comp at 10 but last time he left he knew i wasnt gonna listen to he extended it to midnight ( he hates to think that he was defeated when i dont listen ) so i might be on in a week or 2 for a couple of days or i might not... Anyways so yeah

Thanks everyone im gonna miss you all so much...:hug:

10-04-06, 11:14
Hi Lenochkla :hug:

I always liked you because of the way you helped me out that time when I stayed up all night trying to get rid of that creep looking for nude pics of Lara! Thanks for that.

I do agree with Tramp however, in that it is oh so important to devote time to study because you can't claw back your high school education. Maybe you could set yourself a target like study in front of your father for 2 hours as soon as you get home and then look forward to coming on the forum after that. If he sees you are making a genuine effort he might be more keen to reward you with internet time.

Good luck!!

Paul H
10-04-06, 12:55
It's not too difficult to change an F into an E.

Not that I am suggesting anything along those lines, of course. Perish the thought! :D

10-04-06, 12:56
Come back soon! :)

Tomb Raider Master
10-04-06, 12:58
That's bad. :( See you and good luck with your studying! :wve:

10-04-06, 14:05
Bye lenochka :wve:

10-04-06, 15:03
Ah well summer aint that far away! I should be getting off myself with exams coming up as well :( See you soon Lenochka!

Mona Sax
10-04-06, 15:31
See you in a while, Lenochka. Good luck. :wve:

Lara Lover
10-04-06, 15:33
See you soon. Good luck :wve:

10-04-06, 16:00
aww im so sorry to see that you are leavin :(
hopefully you will be back as soon as possible

10-04-06, 16:34
Au revoir.

10-04-06, 17:28
Bye bye :hug:

Hope to see you sooner than later :)

10-04-06, 17:40

10-04-06, 17:48
Bye Lenochka! :jmp:

10-04-06, 18:13
See you Lenochka, good luck with your studies. :wve:

And what's with the happy jumping emote, Stef? :p

10-04-06, 18:17
Good Luck :wve:

10-04-06, 18:19
See you Lenochka, good luck with your studies. :wve:

And what's with the happy jumping emote, Stef? :p

wrong symbol sorry... the :jmp: just comes naturaly to me with most posts.

buy lenochka :wve: (even though the wave is smiling too...:confused:)

Maureen Errant
10-04-06, 19:33
You'll be missed.....................:hug: