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10-04-06, 11:58
Hi all you fine raiders :wve:

Over in the Canaries they sell a lot of replica goods such as fake Burberry and Calvin Klein bags etc.

Personally I don't object to the black market and counterfeit goods such as clothing. Obviously, it would be unwise to buy fake electrical kit and other such items because if something goes wrong you are snookered. Also fake perfume is not recommended because some of it contains urine believe it or not.

But if these pompous designers insist on charging you 40 for a pair of boxer shorts (I mean lets face it, are they stitched with gold thread?), then they deserve to be the victims of sabbotage by cheaper manufacturers.

It's the same with jeans - 70 for the same denim that you get down the market and it's no longer lasting and no better stitched. Much of it is turfed out in places like India. There is way too much profiteering going on. So if cheaper fakes are going then I would rather buy them than keep some jumped-up, pretentious designer in the lap of luxury :D

10-04-06, 12:00
totally agree with you there. i done my work experience in bhs, and discovered that some shops make around 500% when the prices are LOW so its a rip off, and you always pay for the bag rather then the goods

10-04-06, 12:20
500% profit? :eek: Mind you, it doesn't totally shock me. We get done over for everything in the UK :(

10-04-06, 12:21
That's why I like to shop in Factory Outlets when I can. I just went to the Wedgewood outlet and got a beautiful Johnson Brothers Dinner Set for less than 50% of the normal cost. There is no replacement for good crockery or good Crystal. But for clothing and the big brand names no they are just not worth it. Take Ugh Boots (Sheep Skin Boots) the big names cost over well $50 Australian but I can get replicas from Big W for $10. The cheaper ones will last at least a season of constant wear sometimes 2 but I have had the expensive ones and often they don't even last the season. That's for the short ones and I can get long ones for around $13 and the brand name is well over $100.

10-04-06, 12:27
It is rather worrying Kate. I too went to one of those outlets and bought a 16 piece, hand-painted dinner service for £5 and it's beautiful. In other stores you can pay up to that just for one plate and not even a hand-painted one :eek:

Things such as boots are not going to last forever no matter how much you pay. They are all sewn in the same way.

On Bruce Forsyth's 'Generation Game' some years back they had a round where contestants had to put together a pair of Hunter (trade name) wellington boots. The demonstrator knocked up a pair in less than a minute using glue!! I paid over £30 for a pair when I was farming - they are very comfortable but I was horrified to see how slap-dash the manufacturing process was. What a con!!

10-04-06, 12:39
Unfortunately Wedgewood and Johnson Bros Crockery are a lot more expensive than that over here as there is heavy import duty on them, then GST. I have nice cheap sets that I only paid $9 for but things like Johnson Bros and Wedgewood are collectors items and quite often increase in value. The same with Royal Doulton but I really didn't like the patterns they had available (I wanted something in Green and Gold to match the colour scheme in my Kitchen Dining area) and in the older style patterns not the ultra modern stuff. My house is over 50 years old and I am renovating to the age of the house without looking like it has been modernized out of existance. The Johnson Bros were also about half the price of the Royal Doulton. It will only be used for best. The pattern I got was Lemon Tree.

10-04-06, 12:47
Sounds good to me Kate!

How strange, I too have much green and gold in my kitchen, it always makes for a nice combination. But I have now painted the kitchen a peach colour with peach curtains. The accessories are mostly green with gold rims and actually it makes for a rather nice look. Also, a few plants on the windowsill also blend in quite well :)

10-04-06, 12:54
I do like my Calvin's but i certainly dont pay full price for them, 15 for 2 pair at my local factory outlet, not bad for the real thing!:)

I dont mind the odd fake... clothing wise, but as an avid DVD Movie Collector i wont touch a copied movie, however good or cheap it is. Although i would watch a DVD copy just to see if the Movie was worth buying, as i would also never buy a Movie just on spec.:)

10-04-06, 12:58
My new cupboards are white with an old country kitchen style to them. They have slatted like doors as if they have been made out of a paling fence. The top cupboards have 8 panes of glass like leadlight. The wall tiles are white but I am putting 8 highlight tiles in. This one.


The bench tops and the floor tiles are nearly identical. Low sheen white with light grey marbling. They look just like marble. The vertical drapes are Gold. The Green and Gold is being picked up with Table Cloths and Place Mats and the cushions on the dining chairs. They are Forest Green and Deep Gold not yellow gold. Also tea towels and pot holders are green and gold patterns.

The highlight tiles were very expensive at $25 each but there is only one company in the Southern Hemisphere doing this type of Screen Printing on tiles and they are sort of glass coated to protect the pattern. They are really beautiful.

10-04-06, 13:05
Kate that looks spectacular! Excellent, very aesthetic.

Gaz, I too have watched a rip-off movie (Term 3) and it was poor quality but watchable and was kindly sent by a friend. I too never buy movies on spec. I only ever buy DVDs of films I have both seen and enjoyed.

As for the sordid topic of pants (lol) I bought 4 pairs of Playboy boxers for women off the market - then on holiday I went into the Playboy official shop and it turns out that Playboy don't make them hahaha but they look authentic enough and are nice and comfy and bum-hugging :D

10-04-06, 13:06
I don't mind buying counterfeit goods but it depends on the use of the product. I don;t mind buying clothes but I never buy shoes, I want sth durable with warranty. Electric apliances,perfums,cosmetics etc I prefer them to be genuine. Other thing like clothes,soaps, all kinds of papers,bags, belts etc I don't mind at all. Even if I use them only a few time I don't regret what I paid for.

10-04-06, 13:30
I've bought counterfeit shoes that lasted longer than the "real" ones. I've never cared much for brands, if I see something I like and it doesn't cost much, I'll buy it. We usually have weekly markets over here where mostly the sellers are gypsies and the clothes come out quite cheap sometimes, when you can find something good (cute t-shirt for 1euro!).

My mom always taught me to save my money so sometimes, when shopping, I find it really hard to pay 15 or even 10 for a top when I can buy one that I like more for less money. And ironically, when I buy something cheaper, it usually lasts longer :p

10-04-06, 13:38
Nice one Dollie :tmb:

I recently bought a lovely top with a logo for £1 :D Trouble is the writing I thought was Japanese but it was a mock-up. I can't write it out as it is too rude but here is a bit of it (it has a cheeky cat above the message to give you a clue ;) :

Zuk Mai **zz*

I think you get the gist. Thankfully a friend laughed and read it out and I pretended I knew what it read. Needless to say it is not going to be worn outside of the house LOL :D

10-04-06, 13:54
LOL don't worry, I have one that says "Porn Star" XD luckily there aren't that many people that get it XD

10-04-06, 14:07
LOL :D the other cheapy I bought was khaki and so pretty and full of little sequins down the front. Yep the same sequins I have been vacuuming up for the past fortnight :vlol:

10-04-06, 14:21
And ironically, when I buy something cheaper, it usually lasts longer :p

So very true!!!!!!!!!:jmp: