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10-04-06, 13:33
Why is it when a Game comes out, people complain about the Camera View, or the Controls or what the Character does or the Graphics.

Why dont the Creators get a Fan and tell him this is the Game and this is how you play it, then the Fan can give the Creator advice and help him out a little.

TR Legend is out and still Fans arent happy.

Capt. Murphy
10-04-06, 15:48
It worked for Star Wars... eh, that last one they had. :o Or that's what I've heard anyways.

But I don't think one fan would make a game good enough. Yet, I'm betting that's just what you meant. Several 'fans' putting their thoughts in.

I thought that's what forums were for. :mis:



10-04-06, 16:35
If your talking about Stawrars Battlefront 2, man whata ripoff Game that was.

Horrible Graphics and people demanded their Money back, even the Patch they released needed a Patch.

I hope they make SWBF3 and it looks just as cool as SWBF1
Well a Forum Board is here where everyone is talking to eachother about the Game they just bought and then argue amongst eachother on how the Game looks like, i dont even think the Creators bother to look at the Forums and listen to the Fans.

They need to have a Fan sit right next to him and tell him, no that wont work or yes thats good but it needs to be better.

Capt. Murphy
10-04-06, 16:41
Oh no. No-no. The movie. :D

10-04-06, 17:06
The main difference between a fan and a creator is that a fan is romantic, while creator is pragmatic. Guess who wins. "A fan" telling creators how to do their job is something that just isn't going to happen - and if it does, beware because it's an advertisement trick.
And why is that? Because games of TR scale aren't meant for fans, but for the rest of the world. Die-hard fans are not enough for a typical corporation like Eidos to make money - save series like FF, where most of players consider themselves to be "fans", or James Bond, which is watched by pretty much everyone. TR depends more on parents buying presents for their children or other accidental customers who just happen to know the name "Lara Croft" and heard the latest installment was good.

When will fans stop consider corporations to be their friends? Get over it, you're a customer - even easier to gain than a regular one, so you're not the one who's receiving most of the attention from the sales experts in case of TR. Either find your place within what the franchise has to offer, so to say, or move onto something else.

10-04-06, 17:12
Well they anyway did a poor job with the 3d Movie, there were again questions that needed answers.

Good point Forwen