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10-04-06, 14:06
Around my area, we get alot of abuse from kids, age about 15 or 16, and they abuse anyone they like, and last week, my Dad's motorbike got nicked, and we had a good idea who did it, because some of them walked up to my Mum and said "Your bike was nicked" in a stupid voice, you know. On Friday, we heard from the Police that they had found a bike, burnt out, and my Dad went to see it, and it was his, with his helmet beside it. I don't know where they found it, but it was around our area.

10-04-06, 14:10
Oh no :( That must have been very upsetting. It's awful when you are violated in this way. There are a lot of abusive kids around my area too, always hanging out on corners or riding up and down residential areas on those mini-bikes.

Not all kids are bad but there are always one or two everywhere you go and it can get quite intimidating.

I hope they find out who was responsible :hug:

10-04-06, 14:11
That's sucks, sorry to hear that Dazzy :(

Tomb Raider Master
10-04-06, 14:11
That's bad to hear. :(

10-04-06, 14:20
I hate selfish people like that :(
Its probably because they've made a mess of their own life and they just want to ruin others :mad:

Im so sorry to hear your dads bike was stolen, I hope the police find out who did this :(

10-04-06, 14:23
What thrills do these boneheads get from destroying other people's property?

10-04-06, 14:26
Apparently there is now a new device like an alarm that you install near your property and it is only audible to people of a young age. To someone over 25, it will not be audible but to a teenager it gives off a piercing scream and it is unbearable so they retreat.

12-04-06, 11:30
My Dad's getting a new motorbike today, so let's hope this one isn't nicked.