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Lara Lover
10-04-06, 19:49
Hi guys.

I'm planning on buying a PSP soon. There's a cool offer for one of GamePlay.com for 149.99. That's pretty cheap. Anyways, I was just wondering as PS3 is coming out, Will they stop making new games for PSP? Or, Will they make the same games for PSP as the PS3? Just a thought. As, I want a PSP for Legend and the 10 anniversity game of Tomb Raider.

Thanks :wve:

10-04-06, 20:43
I don't think they'd necessarily stop making PSP games... There might be fewer, but I doubt they'd discontinue them just because PS3 is out. However, I guess it could happen, seeing as I don't think any original PlayStation games come out anymore.

10-04-06, 20:48
i have a psp and would highly recommend it. and don't worry, they'll be making it for a while. the psp2 isn't due out for about another three years.