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10-04-06, 20:47
why dont the developer give the people who play games the chance to make the stories for once it makes to much sense not too

10-04-06, 20:55
Make a game, get 100 different people to tell you a story line and see how fast you think "forget this"... Try it, I know I have.

11-04-06, 02:24
Considering that making games serves as the developers' creative outlet, I doubt they're going to give that up to some thousands of people who all want different things.

It would be like going up to a painter and sayin "Yeah, i made some pencil scetches, i was hoping you could colour them in for me, do some shading, and then sign your name on it." ...Not gonna happen!

11-04-06, 02:53
A major flaw most people have when posing to have a great idea is just that...its an empty idea. While the outer shell may seem original do you really have all the dialogue worked out, twists in the story to keep it interesting, characters well developed that could connect with the viewer, i know i have a bunch of out there ideas that would be great but there is SO MUCH more work to it...I'll let the professionals handle it.

11-04-06, 06:07
......nice Stewie avatar.....10x better than mine :(

11-04-06, 07:09
start of with the tomb raider level editor - and see how far you get :ton:

11-04-06, 07:42
off topic=
but who is that kid in your avatar Spitfire and mtts06?
Kinda look like Tommy in Rugrats:confused: