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26-04-06, 19:13
Oh my god... iv been accepted to go on the new york trip with school, you have no idea how long iv wanted to visit 'the big apple'. Its not till February next year but hopefully it'll fly by.
Anyone here been? and if so what shops and stuff should i defo visit!:tea:

26-04-06, 19:18
Cool! :wve: It's one of the places I'd like to visit, even though I'm really a country gal and loath spending lots of time in big cities :D

Hope you enjoy your trip, tr_mitch :) Please take lots of pictures!

26-04-06, 19:21
:jmp: Believe me i will... we visit all the 'best' places to see such as... Empire state building, Statue of liberty, Times square, Ground zero, Central park, Brooklyn Bridge, the set of friends, 5th avenue... and we also take an open bus tour.... and im sure lots more stuff which is yet to be certain.

Lara Croft!
26-04-06, 19:54
Lucky u!!!I'd love to go there smday...Hope u have a great time!!!!!

Tomb Raider Master
26-04-06, 20:37
Enjoy your trip! :wve:

average stalker
26-04-06, 20:45
i go to nyc about once a month for concerts. i live about 1 hour away. i'm not really into shopping, but all the stores there are huge. have fun

Lara Lover
26-04-06, 21:53
Lucky you :hug:

I wanna go their.