View Full Version : Finally :D

Jake Croft
05-05-06, 15:14
Exams are over <3333
Now lets all get drunk :']

05-05-06, 15:15
carefull now- theres a lot of problem with saying things like that- but its lucky for you- my exams are commming up in a bit.

Jacob x5
05-05-06, 15:17
The writing tasks in English today were writing to persuade and writing to inform. I'm stronger in other areas but I think I did all right.

Jake Croft
05-05-06, 15:33
I did crap
But still
Get out the ale <3 :']

05-05-06, 15:35
Glad to hear you survived 'em. :tmb:

I did my 3 hour art practical exam yesterday - don't think I did too badly. Next exam is English on the 12th, then got three more after that between then and the end of May. Wish they were over already, lmao.

Jake Croft
05-05-06, 15:39
Ha doesnt english just suck xD

Jacob x5
05-05-06, 16:01
Ha doesnt english just suck xD

No. :D

Jake Croft
05-05-06, 17:33
It damn well does
Shakespeare language PSSH
You dont need that in life

05-05-06, 17:35
Tomorrow i have an exam in science , and maybe in maths too (our teacher let it a surprise for us )

Jake Croft
05-05-06, 17:39
Lmao ;]
As if we need shakespeare language to chat up people
Lmao its more like
Me and You in a bed now'a days >.>

05-05-06, 17:42
Euw, drunk.

Glad your exams are over but still .....yuck.

05-05-06, 17:45
SATs I take it? **** easy :D

Its gets worse.. I got my year 10 exams next week.. then my GCSEs next year.. oh the joy!

Jake Croft
05-05-06, 17:46
is doctor who on tonight? xD

05-05-06, 17:47
is doctor who on tonight? xD

No, tomorrow..

Jake Croft
05-05-06, 17:48
damn bored i dnno what to do
any good scary movies?

05-05-06, 17:52
You can help me write a business plan.