View Full Version : Final Fantasy Fans... have u seen FF7:Advent children?

06-05-06, 09:35
If so what did you think? I thought it was fantastic, at last a real FF movie. When i saw Bahamut (sp) I just thought this is awesome! So what did you think?

06-05-06, 09:40
It was visually incredible, but the story... I don't know, guess it could've been a little better :p

06-05-06, 09:41
Really enjoyed it !

I remember quivering with excitement when Sephy appeared to the Advent: one winged angel track.. What a moment ;)

Some brilliant direction done in the film too.
Reno is my fave character - I love his hair!

06-05-06, 09:43
yeah it was quite good, my only gripes are barrets and cait siths voices they really annoy me!!!

06-05-06, 09:55
Great visuals but still...something's missing

07-05-06, 15:06
They should make an FFX one, something about that game...its awesome!

07-05-06, 15:15
Personal POV:

Visually... It was breathtaking; Far beyond Final Fantasy with Aki (and I personally thought that was a visual breakthough.) The movements and the emotions of the characters in this movie were so pure and life like, you almost forget that its CG.

My only problem is that this movie was based upon the FF games and I really have a serious problem with overexadurated depiction of huge weaponry carried by guys who in reality wouldn't be able to lift a baseball bat Lol! Cloud really looks ridiculous with that sword (I know, I know... staying true to the game, but that sword is quite huge for the man.)

Other than that minor problem and the animeish look... The movie was fantastic.