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06-05-06, 19:42
You're fed up with life. Nothing seems to fit. You want out, to go back to a simpler life.

How does a one-way exile through a time portal to six million years in the past sound? :mis:

The Saga of The Exiles, by Julian May is, without a doubt, my favourite book (s). In this 4-book series, misfits from the 22nd century can choose to enter a one-way fixed time portal that exits on Earth's Rhone Valley to six million years ago. They are allowed to carry limited personal gear in addition to their standard survival equipment, and the choices of those who make the journey vary wildly; from liquor chocolates to farmsteading items, from whole libraries or books and music to Tarzan outfits (seriously; read it if you don't believe me ;)).

So if you were contemplating a new life in Pliocene Europe, what would you take with you?

06-05-06, 20:54
Humm, good question.. Well, all of the good stuff takes electricity. lol :D

Uhm... Lots of clean water and clothes... A camera, if I'm going back to the present/future later on. Uhnm.. Lemme think about this. lol ^_^

06-05-06, 21:26
I'd take a typewriter, lots and lots of non-biodegradable paper, and a "How To Train Monkeys" handbook.

Jacob x5
07-05-06, 00:02
...a "How To Train Monkeys" handbook.

:vlol: :D

07-05-06, 02:12
a book of matches
magnifier lens
a Kalashnikov rifle with lots of ammo
a pocket knife
Boyscout survival guide
box of toilet paper
toothbrush w/toothpaste
bar soap

heck...I might as well just stay here!

07-05-06, 02:14
My X-Box.

07-05-06, 02:15
Personal time machine...just in case I screw up and need a quick fix...