View Full Version : Ya don't blame me if I'm not on lately...

10-05-06, 22:59
Uh, hey peeps. The computer, err modem, at my house if totally TOAST. It's totally weird. Right now I'm at the library borrowing their computer.:tea: :D Not my fault!!! Anwayz before I go does anybody know how to fix it??? I really wanna go on the internet at my house again...:jmp:

10-05-06, 23:01
I think you'll need to elaborate on the problem a bit more, you'll receive more help in the Tech Support forum too. And hey! :D :wve:

10-05-06, 23:04

Now is perfect time for an excuse to get High Speed ;).

10-05-06, 23:04
You may have to use the 'B' word and buy a new modem? Get someone reputeable to check the old modem out first though.