View Full Version : Got Fatal Frame II: Director's Cut for Xbox today for $20.

19-05-06, 02:12
Fantastic game. Scary as hell, great visuals, fun camera combat that is actually VERY deep also. Plus it stars one of the greatest game characters ever.

Camera Obscura
19-05-06, 02:19
I have all 3 games! :yah:

I love running around the mansions gathering clues and being chased by creepy old men, long haired ladies, and laughing maniacs. :D

And I love how Fatal Frame stays away from the "Shoot anything tha moves to survive". That's why I love the Camera Obscura ;)

Slight Spoilers
And for a horror game Fatal Frame has the saddest and tear breaking endings. Especially FF2 and 3. :)

19-05-06, 02:31
I dunno, I treat Fatal Frame like my average horror shooter. I leave nothing alive.