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20-05-06, 13:54
No, it doesn't exist :D

Yet! Because in this thread, we will come up with a multiplayer principle that works and suits Tomb Raider.

Please? :confused:

It would be really cool to have some sort of multiplayer version of Tomb Raider, where multiple Raiders have to cooperate or something, or the opposite - ruin each other's progress in order to increase their own.

Problems are:
- There can be only one Lara!?
- If it would be just Raiding Tombs, that is a cooperative of the default Tomb Raider games, there wouldn't be much replay value which is what multiplayer is for. I think there should be multiple people playing at one time, solving a puzzle and the further they get in their puzzle, the more work the other has to do. See it as multiplayer Tetris: every time you remove two or more lines, your opponent gets one or more lines added!

Any thoughts of you?
There are so little single player games being released nowadays - Tomb Raider can't stay behind. I would absolutely love to see a neat multiplayer idea for Tomb Raider.

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20-05-06, 13:57
multiplayer doesn't fit in with Tomb Raider at all.

20-05-06, 13:57
There is multiplayer on the PSP version of Legend :)

20-05-06, 13:59
I've thought about this in the past, but I always came to the same conclusion- I can't see how it'd work. A map full of Lara's shooting at each other? A map full of the game's character's shooting at each other? Spose it's no different to any other Multiplayer. But I can't see how TR multiplayer would work with solving puzzles etc.
A co-operative mode would work better Imo.

One review site actually said it was bad that Legend didn't have a multiplayer. I thought, does this person know anything about the other TR's ?!

20-05-06, 14:00
i actually do like the idea.. it's like zelda: four swords..

it would be cool to have like 4 players working together to solve ancient puzzles and kill ancients bad guys.. i'm not sure if it would work for TR.. but it would be a good idea for a game like TR with multiple characters

20-05-06, 14:00
The fact the Lara is the one and only Tomb Raider is a tricky problem to get round. There isn't a huge amount of scope for playing as other characters (Kurtis, argh) but multiple Laras would look a bit weird. :cln:

Maybe there can be separate outfits so you can differentiate between players? :)

20-05-06, 14:01
The only way I could see it as multiplayer is to have time trial competitions.

20-05-06, 14:03
it would work if she found an artefact that could make multiple copies of her just like zelda.. :p

20-05-06, 14:04
I prefer single-player for Tomb Raider. The feeling of being isolated in exotic locations and tombs and all, it's amazing. :D

20-05-06, 14:14
It would be cool to have races...like, assault courses. Except not just for Lara's House, but all the levels in the game. And have some shortcuts and alternate routes in there too. And enemies/obsticales to avoid or destroy as you try to reach the end first.

Also there could be some quadbike courses, like the track in TR3 :jmp:

20-05-06, 14:27
One of the PSP multiplayer modes is a hide and seek type game: Both people place an artifact within a level and the first one to find it wins. The second one is an obstacle course, the first one to complete it wins and the last one is... er... something. But they're suitable for a multiplayer TR :) Whether they work well (and reviews for the PSP version state they do) has to be played :D

20-05-06, 14:36
That's not bad.

The thing is, we have a level editor!
So, once the possibility of multiplayer + scripting is given, the community can pretty much do the rest, e.g., coming up with levels, types of games, etc etc.

I could imagine a Capture The Flag-like type of game, just without shooting, but setting and activating traps in order to catch the flagrunners!

20-05-06, 15:18
A cooperative mode (like in that Half-Life mod whose name I keep forgetting) would probably work best for a game that used to be single-player. There is a lot of issues that need to be solved, like:

Many traps will block the way back and consequently, make it impossible for those following you to proceed any further. Think about those walls that come out to crush you, or a door that closes after you walked through it. The best solution I can imagine is have that trap reset itself after 10 seconds have passed or something like that.
What about items? Should a key that one player found then be available to only that player, available to all players or can every player get his own copy of the key? The issue for medipacks, weapons and ammo is just the same.
Do the various players start at the same location with a specific time between them, or do they spawn simultaniously in one big spawn area?
What happens if one player changes the environment another player is in? For example, a switch might flood a room another player is in, pull away the ground he is standing on or raise it. Especially the last case is difficult to resolve, but a room just switching from full to empty or the other way round is not good, but inevitable with current TR level design.

Those are the problems that come to my mind first.

20-05-06, 15:25
How about you make your own raider, male or female, clothes and such. You then race with other players for the artefact, perfect :wve:

20-05-06, 15:28
How about you make your own raider, male or female, clothes and such.
Well, that would solve the multiple-Lara-thing :) People are already doing this (skinning her etc), so shouldn't be too hard...

20-05-06, 15:30
See it's a great idea, i'd love to be a male raider and race other smart players to an artefact. Get to other locations before them, play dirty when your both stuck on a puzzle :mis:

20-05-06, 15:44
It would be funny to see about 5 Lara wannabe's runing around, trying to find artefacts :D