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22-05-06, 14:12
I recently bought Advent Rising after reading some positive reviews. I wanted to know what the deal was with this game, was it really original and different? Was it a fun game? How did the powers work?

Well after some time playing the game after an easy installation on my PC I've come to a conclusion, this isn't a bad game by far!

I'm offering up a quick review for Advent Rising, PC version:

Gameplay: The controls on the PC work pretty good, it's kind of like a FPS except it's 3rd person action game, though you can switch into first person when you want. The gun play works and it's extremely easy to pic up, the wheel scroll targets an enemy or you can apply "auto target" in the Options menu and when you shoot your character, Gideon, automaticlly hits the closest enemy. I play with Auto Aim since the action can get pretty intense. Once you achieve your godly powers the whole fighting becomes exceedingly addictive with the ability to lift multiple enemies at once, shoot shards of exploding ice, and surge energy at a group of enemies while exploding the glass all around you. Vehicles handle well but they aren't the focus so it's no big deal.

Graphics: Advent Rising some reason feels alittle like halo, i fell the style and it's very futuristic but the enemies seem to close to Halo along with some of the vehicles. It's not to original but when it's done it looks good. The game does suffer from low resolutions textures and that hurts the game with some of the huge landscapes and character skins. The character clothes are cool and very simplistic but work. The character's themself have short torsos and incredibly long legs but my drawings do the same, so I'm biased in liking the style. The game is full of cutscenes and they execute the story really well and best of all look good.

Value: Love it so much I'll be playing this just for the abilities to kill the creatures in some of the coolest ways i've ever played in a game.

Story: Engaging and has a great concept with Humans being the gods, not the other way around for once. The rest isn't really all that original but it inspired enough sci-fi creativity to be it's own game.

My score: (8.5/10)

Legend of Lara
22-05-06, 14:24
Great review. I'd buy the game if my PC could handle it!

22-05-06, 16:23
chances are you can, i have em cranked all the way up with all the graphics set and its working just fine, some of the Custscenes have minor Frame rate problems but it barely gets in the way of the narrative.

22-05-06, 16:52
Just saw screenshots, not impressed by the graphics, still it's a 15 month old game..

22-05-06, 17:44
graphics arent everything, and yes it is somewhat lacking but it's still nice. Only real graphical issue with me is the Antialiasing...there is no option to put it up :(

22-05-06, 19:08
The game is truly amazing and way beyond its time. I would put it right in the ranks of Tomb Raider and POP in terms of story and gameplay. The story itself was so gripping and tragic at moments yet at the same time dictated hope.

What really got to me was the concept of Humans as deitys. For once we are the tide turners; The good ones. It gets really tiresome playing game after game of showing humanity as low downers.

The character Gideon was totally imerseful. You could almost feel the burden he carries on his shoulder.

A masterful creation indeed.

23-05-06, 01:51
Nicely Said, and i agree with you completely. The only thing that bothered me was it reminded me of Halo in a few aspects, but with the huge game that is Halo it's hard not to see it in anything Sci-fi now and it's really not fair to compare them.

Gideon truly is one of my all time favorite characters and him being a god, as you said, was incredibly refreshing and actually gave his powers and gameplay purpose!
I haven't beaten the game yet but i already went back and played from the start a second time saving the opposite person, being given the choice to change the story was something i never expected and found amazing and really helped the replay value, not to mention story.

I'm all for Advent Rising and Will be playing it for a LONG time thanks to the unbelievable fun combat system.

23-05-06, 02:12
The game's for PC, right? Can you post some screens, or do you know where I can find any? :)

23-05-06, 02:32
The game's for PC, right? Can you post some screens, or do you know where I can find any? :)

Ebay...and IGN for screens...

23-05-06, 10:40
the picturers arent that good, i hate judging by picture, what a video of it in action at IGN, its better when u see it in motion.

23-05-06, 14:27
This game sounds quite good, and after seeing this thread I went and watched the trailer and it sounds even better.

I'm going down the shops tommorow so I'm gunna look out for it, may pick it up if its a nice price. Over a year old now and not that well known so I'm thinking it'll be nice and cheap :D