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Mad Tony
02-07-06, 08:15
Are you watching Wimbolden?
Who do you want to win?
What do you think of it os far?

I wanted Andy Roddick, Tim Henman or Greg Rasedski to win.
Now that they are all out I want Leyton Hewitt to win.

I just don't want to see Roger Federa to win again.

in these arms
02-07-06, 08:19
Is Andy Murray out?

If isent I would like see him win

02-07-06, 08:33
I'm enjoying Wimbledon. I'd like Murray to win the men's tournament, and if not him then Federer. I'm a big fan of his.

As for the women, as long as neither Williams sister wins I don't really care. I can't stand those two.

02-07-06, 08:45
i love wimbledon so much. im glued.

i want murray to play hewit in the quaters, but i want federer to win. i dont care who comes second but its nearly a full gone conclusion. i hope nedal looses soon. hes like sharapova IMO

02-07-06, 08:58
Is Andy Murray out?

If isent I would like see him win

He beat Roddick yesterday :yik: .

Mad Tony
02-07-06, 13:05
Is Andy Murray out?

If isent I would like see him win

No, he's not.
I don't wan't him to win becasue he's arragont.

02-07-06, 13:44
hes british. i dont want him to win yet beacsue hes too young and that might change him when hes older.

02-07-06, 14:09
I hope Maria Sharapova wins the Women's for the 2nd time! :)

02-07-06, 20:41
hes british.

Yes, he is (Scottish), but I don't want him to win either. He has now had to apologise for his anti-English remark :mad:.

Good luck to Maria Sharapova, though :)!

H4L:wve: [Jessika]

Mad Tony
02-07-06, 20:42
And whenever Murray loses, he always gets into a strop.