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Tomb Raider Master
02-07-06, 22:02
Hi! :wve:

This question may sound a bit odd, but I was wondering how much TR data you have on your computer (without the games). I have around 11,000 files and 900 folders, which makes around 11 GB of space. :)

02-07-06, 22:04
Approx 740Mb, mostly pics. :eek:

02-07-06, 22:05
Whoa, and I used to think I have a lot of stuff... I really only have pics of Lara and from TRs, around 2,000...

02-07-06, 22:05
20 mb I think XD of images. Everything else is on cd's.

02-07-06, 22:08
hmm. I have many pics, all the games and trle and many custom levels and TRLE wad files and tga files. Don't know how much:p

02-07-06, 22:11
Oh, do custom levels and that stuff count? Because if it does, I have loads of that stuff :D

Tomb Raider Master
02-07-06, 22:12
Everything related to TR. :)

02-07-06, 22:14
Wow, you guys are loaded. :p I'm not sure exactly how much of my computer space TR consumes, but it's mostly pictures.

02-07-06, 22:21
I have nothing TR related on my PC. Never had. Only when I install one of the game series. Except for that, nothing.

02-07-06, 22:27
I think i have 55 wallpapers and artwork from the entire tr series mostly AOD:cln: but
i have all TR:L earlier screenshoots, art, trailers and such in a CD; I think about 700 MB.:)

02-07-06, 22:32
Just my homepage and of course pictures for that site!And some trailers,screenshots...
And TRLE(but that's a game)...

02-07-06, 22:38
Nothing much...Some pictures, some videos, but that's all.
Even no TRLE on this computer :p

02-07-06, 23:07
Pictures and everything? X_X 3.36 GB. 709 Files, 43 folders XD

02-07-06, 23:30
I have more than 20 GB on TR stuff.
Without counting games and their files.
[EDIT. I found some more things, that makes the number of 25 GB]

03-07-06, 04:18
i'm a console player so i don't have any games on here but i do have 2.15 gig of TR stuff. most of that is videos like getting the quad bike out of the racetrack and the speedruns. i have a lot of screenshots o got off of here and some other pics, too.

03-07-06, 05:45
Only the games. All other media (images, videos etc) are on DVD's. The best place to keep them if the HDD crashes. I have the most recent ones on my HDD (those I download until I burn them on a DVD).

03-07-06, 05:53
Not counting the games....
306 MB of pics + 552 MB other stuff + 828 MB trailers or other video + 3.76 MB fansite kits... I'm sure I got plenty more, but the PC is a mess :cln:

Dante Croft
03-07-06, 05:53
I do too have alot of my TR media on cds and DVDS.

Just case the hardrive crashes.

03-07-06, 07:43
I have quite much, but mostly TRLE levels and Pics!

03-07-06, 08:10
i had quite a bit but i deleted it all as my compiter froze. so i only have some of MANN's speed runs and some avvies and the odd screenshot, 1 or 2 maybe. thas all

03-07-06, 08:14
I have about 53 pics (Mostly Kurtis pics :cln: ) So that makes 6,27 MB

03-07-06, 10:42
Not sure if Level Editor stuff counts, but I have:

1.05GB of custom objects, music, project files and related whatnot - 10,250 files, 957 folders
6.78GB of custom level files, including music and a heap of screenshots - 5,306 files, 422 folders


Lara Croft!
03-07-06, 11:58
Pics,walkthroughs,reviews etc are up to 804MB.And I have now TRL installed in my computer,so u can figure the rest!

Legend of Lara
03-07-06, 13:06
Erm... I got... uh... 2 pics and TR3 installed. *hides face in shame*

03-07-06, 16:00
err, almost nothing. since my OS crashed :)