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03-07-06, 08:08
Hi,WWE freak :wve:..I wanna ask u about it

1)What i see in WWE,is that a real blood?Which flow from a wrestler head?
2)Can i join WWE forum?I've ever registered but it couldn't :hea: (I live in Indonesia)
3)Does WWE arenas spread all over USA?
4)Have u ever watch WWE in arena?

Sorry for my bad English :(

03-07-06, 11:07
1) Yes, that's real blood, but because they try to make things look bad without actually hurting each other too much, it's often drawn by the wrestler himself (at some point using a hidden razor blade to make a shallow cut).
2) I don't know which forum you're talking about...
3) Yes, they use any kind of arena, most are multi-purpose arenas so they can put on shows virtually anywhere.
4) Yes I attended a Live RAW show in Baltimore Maryland a couple years back. The one where Randy Orton was GM for the night!

03-07-06, 12:12
Do you mean wwe.com forum?

Or do you mean another one? :confused:

03-07-06, 14:22
I don't think WWE.com has a forum, only a chatroom. If you're looking for a message board for everything wrestling, you could always try this one out:


Or you can just post in our official WWE thread here :D:


03-07-06, 21:24
1) yes,it's real blood...wrestlers ingest certain chemicals to help the blood flow with minor elascerations!!
2) I haven't joined a WWE forum yet..but if you do decide to do so I warn you..they are not as friendly as we are here!!(I log on the chatroom on wwe.com from time to time..but there is hardly any discussion of substance taking place in there as a lot of people are just rude and keep saying "so-and-so sucks and so on..btw,if you guys are ever in there..my username is "CerebralAssassin1" :)
3)I've just been to a RAW house show in the nosebleed areas and that's it:( circumstances out of my control have prevented me from attending a tv show or a pay-per-view (out of town,e.t.c.) :)