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03-07-06, 13:20
A man flies with an aerostat/balloon but realises soon that he got lost.
He lowers the balloon when he sees another man down to earth and shouts at him

Man on the air: -Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend of mine I would meet him here but I have no idea where I am.
Man on the ground: -You are in a balloon, flying at 15 meters altitude, 38o east and 23o north.
Man on the air: - Are you you a computer technician?
Man on the ground: - Yes, how do you know?
Man on the air: -Look, what you‘ve just told me is technically correct but I have absolutely no idea how to use the info you gave me. I ‘m still lost. Honestly, you haven’t given any help so far.
Man on the ground: - Then you must definitely be a manager.
Man on the air: -How did you figure that out?
Man on the ground: -It’s very simple! You have no idea where you are, neither where you’re going. You ‘ve reached that high because of a big balloon. You gave a promise but you don’t know how to keep it. You‘re expecting help from those beneath you and when they give the answer you don’t know what to do with it. Finally you’re in the same difficult situation as before but somehow it looks like it’s my fault now.

Lara's Boy
03-07-06, 13:21
:vlol: That is a good one!

Dante Croft
03-07-06, 13:21
:vlol: good one :vlol:

Its kinda funny :tmb:

03-07-06, 13:34
hehe I'd heard a variant where the landmark was the microsoft orporation building. :D

Agnese Croft
03-07-06, 14:00
lol..this is good one :vlol::vlol:

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So true, not only concerning managers :vlol:!

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lol! :vlol: