View Full Version : Greatest level of all time?

04-07-06, 17:46
Fairly bored, so in need of a bit of light controversy.

So, which one?

Give legitimate reasons.....

04-07-06, 17:49
Hard one. I would vote for Atlantis and/or Xian. Hard, scary, lots of traps and beautiful design :)

04-07-06, 17:53
Nice choice.

I would have to go for St. Francis Folly I reckon, due to the fact I was simply gobsmacked upon entering that room.

04-07-06, 17:57
I loved that level design yes, but I'm not a ig fan of those Rome-(texture) parts. I liked the Thor's Hammer though: Tto stand long enough on that square, but not too long... Cisterns would be in my top-3. Also build around one beautiful room. :D

04-07-06, 18:01
My fave is Venice, but the one that's downright magnificent (as in, outstanding traps, puzzles, baddies bla bla) is Temple of Xian, it's got fantastic atmosphere, jump-out-of-your-skin moments, water puzzles, it's difficult too, it sort of has it all.

04-07-06, 18:04
It would be quite nice to do a poll on this me thinks.

Mad Tony
04-07-06, 19:03
Temple Ruins or Crash Site from TR3.
Good examples of Classic Tomb Raider levels.

04-07-06, 19:10
Level: Ghana from Legend
Reason: Fantastic graphics and just a fantastic place


Level: Thames Warf from TR:3
Reason: A nice change of weather lol and I like how its so high and theres always a possibility of falling down, and that robot is scary :eek:

04-07-06, 20:07
Hall of Seasons.

Paul H
04-07-06, 20:19
It would be quite nice to do a poll on this me thinks.

There already is one - well, that is a series of polls to find the most popular one. The current round is to find the most popular add-on level, which is in The Lost Artifact forum (inside the TR3 forum).

04-07-06, 20:39
Hmm i dont really have just one level which i think is the greatest, i have a few i like. The Cistern, Atlantis, Venice, 40 Fathoms, The Deck, Jungle, Temple Ruins. I have too many!!!!!

04-07-06, 21:02
I cant think of 1 lol!
erm, i think my fave is Atlantis cos of the noises those atlantiens make :D and the scenery is great :D

04-07-06, 22:41
The Cistern allll theeee wayyyyyy heeeeeeeeeeheeeee XD

04-07-06, 22:46
Atlantis,Temple of Xian,The River Ganges,13th floor those R my favourites:)

Soma Holiday
04-07-06, 22:50
St. Francis Folley, Karnak, The Great Pyramid, and The Library from TR4, and the Hall of Seasons.

04-07-06, 23:02
I've got four which I'd find hard to split, one from each of the first four.
TR1 - St Francis's Folly
TR2 - Temple of Xian
TR3 - The Lost City of Tinnos
TR4 - The Lost Library

05-07-06, 01:50
The Lost Valley from Tomb Raider

It's the perfect Tomb Raider level