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05-07-06, 20:00
ok i just got yelled at over on msn saying i was writing abusive things on sum 1's site a while ago. now i dont know whats goin on but ive got a feeling it was around the time sum 1 hacked into my account dont worry its fine now but the point is that im sorry to ben or whoever u are for wots happend but i dont think it was nice for u to go and called me a peado i was very upset by that and i think u shud be ashamed. i have no idea wots been sed and when it was because like i sed my account was hacked into so i think u shud think before u type. im not goin to appoligise again because ive done it for the past 5 mins saying sorry to summit i didnt even do.

05-07-06, 22:39
why did you post this here?:)

05-07-06, 22:53
because this person is most likely someone from this forum. ( most people on my MSN are from here ) or at least thats what it seems like to me...

05-07-06, 22:56
ok:) but she or he could have made the name of the thread the persons name so they could have seen their name and clicked into the thread:)