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06-07-06, 13:09
America defended Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The result? $70+ oil.
The U.S. law prohibits price-fixing. OPEC manipulated the oil price, driving it to 50 times above the cost oil extraction cost. Oil is more profitable than heroin.
The OPEC members use oil proceeds to fund religious fundamentalists who incite against America.
We prosecute foreign drug cartels which violate the U.S. law without entering the country. We can similarly do away with the OPEC
Stop the oil racket! Sign the petition to outlaw OPEC at www.petitiononline.com/opec (http://www.petitiononline.com/opec)

Another public initiative by www.SamsonBlinded.info (http://www.samsonblinded.info). Google banned the site’s advertising and Amazon deleted all reviews

Legend of Lara
06-07-06, 13:25
T__T yay?

06-07-06, 13:48
Will anything be posted to convince me of this? Because I see no reason to agree with this argument, it simply does not provide any backup for the claims.