View Full Version : Save the member above you from an untimely death

Night Crawler
06-07-06, 17:38
Like the other "above you" threads, only much more heroic. ;)

Since there is nobody above me, you'll have to settle for an example:

*Dives through an open window of a burning house and covers *BLANK* in a wet blanket, dousing the flames, before hurling him/her over my shoulder and walking out of the building as it collapses around us in slow motion* :D

(Doesn't have to be that long but you get the idea) :ton:

06-07-06, 17:41
Yep I did it wrong :o

06-07-06, 17:42
... is being chased by a giant monster, but I draw my dual uzis (TR1 version) and kill it, saving her from being eaten by it... :)

Is that good?

06-07-06, 17:59
is falling down a cliff, i throw a rope and prevent VonCroy360 from falling down
oh, btw : i pull VonCroy360 up :)

06-07-06, 18:02
Badboy70 is being chased by a raptor... But i shoot BadBoy70's leg off.... the raptor eat's his leg... whilst i go and pull BadBoy70 up a tree to safety.

06-07-06, 18:03
Damn, to slow

06-07-06, 18:05
Badboy70 is being chased by a raptor... But i shoot BadBoy70's leg off.... the raptor eat's his leg... whilst i go and pull BadBoy70 up a tree to safety.
my leg http://www.freesmileys.org/emo/sad028.gif (http://www.freesmileys.org)

BTW, skip my post :)

Lara's Boy
06-07-06, 18:19
Damn, to slow

Dives in slow mo across the room with soap in hand, and vigorously cleans Pablo's mouth, and barely saves him from having a 'potty mouth' :p:

06-07-06, 18:21
*Is about to be shot by a duck, i leap across and jump on ducks back.*

06-07-06, 18:22
Is cased by the evil mutants and I come in and scare them away with my childhood photo*

06-07-06, 18:24
*Is being abused by Romeo. I come along and throw glass in Romeos eyes and shoots mouth. Stuffs Adri in a cannon and sends back home* And I thought your mama told you not to talk to strangers =/

06-07-06, 18:25
*Is getting atacked by a giant rhyno, i get my giant shotgun and shoots the rhyno*

da tomb raider!
06-07-06, 18:29
is being attacked by a loose murderer. I get my chainsaw out, and slice his arms off, so he can do no more damage.

06-07-06, 18:39
*pushes da tomb raider out of the way of a moving lrry, then accidently runs him over myself!*

well at least im semi heroic!

Legend of Lara
06-07-06, 18:41
Scion05 is being chased by a mutant but I run it over with my sexy Testarossa! :D

06-07-06, 18:43
Kicks a chav in the doodas (since he is unhappy with Scion05 about Chav Aid) who was trying to beat up Scion05.

EDIT: I'll have to do one for Legend of Lara.

Shoves Legend of Lara out of the way of one of Shadow the Hedgehog's bullets.

Mona Sax
06-07-06, 18:54
Bungee-jumps from a bridge to catch falling Alive and Funky in mid-air and saves him from becoming a human omelet.

06-07-06, 18:57
*see's mona is beeing chased by gordan ramsy, so
deafens her so her pure little vocab isnt spoiled by
his pottymouth :p, then snatches her in scion's car,
what happens then is a mystery :D *

hehe :vlol:

06-07-06, 19:24
*Scion falls from a platform with a rope around his neck. I shoot the rope to stop him from being hung, but he is impaled on the bloody spikes below. He survives, though.*