View Full Version : Batman TAS Volume 2 (HMV UK exclusive)

07-07-06, 12:39
Warner Bros have announced the Region 2 release of Batman The Animated Series: Volume Two for 21st August 2006. Like the previous volume released last year, it will be exclusive to HMV. Further details and artwork are below.

*1:33:1 full frame
*Dolby Digital 2.0
*Commentary by the creators on four episodes
*'Robin Rising' featurette
*'Gotham's Guardians' featurette
*'Voices of the Night' featurette


Legend of Lara
07-07-06, 16:20
I'm not a big fan of that series. I don't like it at all in fact. :p

07-07-06, 16:21
Nice! I have to get round to watching the last three discs of volume one though :) .