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08-07-06, 08:38
Can anybody here give me some advice, anything that would help me control myself, cuz I'm a total food addict!? :hea:

08-07-06, 08:39
I heard that not eating bread for a few weeks helps...

08-07-06, 08:43
I heard that not eating bread for a few weeks helps...

thats.. :confused: helpful?! C'mon people, seriously..

Melonie Tomb Raider
08-07-06, 08:53
I hear the South Beach diet is super good. Like Atkins, but a lot healthier. My mom got down to a size 8 with it, and it didn't take her too long. She's asked doctors about it and they say it's healthy too. Definitely something worth looking into if you need to lose weight.

08-07-06, 09:09
Amphetamines. Sure fire way to lessen your appetite. Endorsed by top models across the globe.

08-07-06, 09:52
thats.. :confused: helpful?! C'mon people, seriously..

I'm serious...
That's what I heard anyway...

08-07-06, 09:54
Don't eat sweets. Like me. Hate them.:D

08-07-06, 10:05
Fad diets don't work. Just need to eat healthily. Cut out junk and processed foods. Snack on fruit or nusts or seeds instead of chocolate or crisps, etc.

08-07-06, 10:08
The bread tip is good. Avoid carbohydrates.

My tip: drink lots and lots of water.

Lux veritata
08-07-06, 10:22
Eat healthy and work out.That's the best thing you can do to lose weight.

08-07-06, 10:50
Adapting to a Low GI eating "lifestyle" works better than anything I've ever tried - and believe me I've tried it all! Visit http://www.glycemicindex.com to find out more :)

(I sound like an infomercial lol)

08-07-06, 10:53
Don't go on a diet, they're stupid, yeah sure you might end up thin but its not healthy. You just need to eat healthily and excercise. Cut down on junk foods such as crisps and sweets, you can still eat them just not in large quantaties. Also drink water instead of fizzy drinks. Make sure you eat lots of fruit and vegetables, You could have smoothies, they are a good way to getting '5 a day' and taste nice.
Don't cut out things such as Carbs, because as soon as you start eating them again you'll put on the weight you lost. You can loose weight if you just eat healthily, it may be a more lengthy process, but in the end, it is worth it as you will be living a healthy lifestyle and still be able to eat foods you like.
Do excercises when you wake up and go to bed like situps and crunches, maybe go to the gym, and walk home from work or school.

08-07-06, 11:03
I wouldn't recommend Amphetamines. I believe you can stay healthy and slim without drugs.

Each body has a different body type so try out different things and see what suits you best.

I would advice:

1. Eat normal food but try eating more salads and greens and lots of water.

2. Avoid Fried and fatty foods.

3. If its your tummy you're worries about, try the following exercise:

Stand on level ground with a straight spine. Hold on to a chair and, while breathing in throughthe nose, life one leg up as high as you can without bending your knee. Exhale through the mouth and bring your foot back down. Repeat with the other leg.
Do this five minutes a day ad it'll help. It helps reduce cortisol which is a stress chemical which accentuates the accumulation of fats around the mid-section.

4. You can also do physical workout like Yoga or swimming. These two work really well on the whole body and dont concentrate on one part alone.

Right I'll take my Doctor hat off now :wve:

08-07-06, 13:23
oh, thanks you guys, your advice truly inspires me, but my concerns is that I could never have my life organised, Its hard for me to make my own schedule, cuz I dont follow it. Maybe I should be more confident,

ok, this is what I actually my daily routine;

I wake up early in the morning, and then do the usual stuff (brush my teeth.. bla bla..)
My breakfast have always been 'low fat cerial' with 'low fat milk', but sometimes my mother buys a bunch of cheese and chocolate 'croisant' :confused: ! and a large mango juice, then this is when I get outta control, but I just try to watch TV and forget about it, but then I start to crave for these food!! :mad: :cln: ... but then for lunch, I eat small amount of rice, with sometimes chicken, and alot of salad, meanwhile my stupid brothers order chicken fillet, hotdog and a seven up for drinks all the time, which really got me totally starving, I'm so addicted in fizzy drinks, I'm like, I cant handle the gassy feeling in my throut, I might get atleast a sip, and a bite of one of the food they ordered, later, for dinner, I get to eat grilled chicken, but sometimes alot of macarony and cheese!! cuz I couldnt handle eat, but before that, at evening, I jog for one hour.
I later drink any light pops (fizzy drink).
sometimes in the middle of the day or midnight, I crave for food I just eat whatever.. :(

08-07-06, 13:26
If your a guy you could work out and turn your "flab int fab". If your a girl then I don't know anythink else you could do but stop eating for a few weeks.

You always try the 3 hour diet. The diet works in eating every 3 hours but small portions. It goes somethink like this.

Breakfast: 7:00am
Snack: 10:00am
Lunch: 1:00pm
Snack: 4:00pm
Tea: 7:00pm
Snack: 10:00pm (depending if you are not in bed at this time.)

Try watching vh1 when programs about celeb diets are on. This will give you a whole list of diets that you can try. You could also try sports or if you are too over weight you could go for surgery.

P.S: I don't mean to be rude by the surgery thing.

08-07-06, 13:28
Ok, I really think people need to read this before going on giving advice on dieting.


Capt. Murphy
08-07-06, 13:33
I think I lost about 10 lbs. once. I was worried about something / had a lot on my mind, I didn't eat much of anything for a few days and was afraid someone was going to visit and see my messy house. So I cleaned it. Oh, and the day I cleaned it I had been up for about 20 some hours straight.

Results are not typical. Consult your health physician before beggining anything crazy like what I did. :cln:

And I always (try to) eat healthy. I avoid bad foods like fried sweets covered in cheesy gravy. :tmb:

08-07-06, 13:35
And I always (try to) eat healthy. I avoid bad foods like fried sweets covered in cheesy gravy. :tmb:

If you are a guy, thats all you need to do ;). sorry gals, but its an advantage us guys have over girls Lol! Our bodies get rid of fat easily.

08-07-06, 14:14
I'm sorry to say this.. but it's all about discipline.. i just to be addicted to everything that's bad for me.. junk food.. soda's (all i drank was coca cola).. chocolate.. and all that crap..

but i decided that i wanted to live more healthy.. so now i always drink water (i love it..) and when i'm hungry.. i always eat bread with something healthy.. i eat a lot of vegetables (not a lot of fruit.. though i should :p)

trust me.. when you can keep this up for a while.. you'll start to like healthy food.. it makes you feel so much better than all that crappy junk food..

and the tip about exercise is good.. that's always healthy!!

i'm lucky i don't get fat.. somehow my body makes sure i don't gain weight.. (at least veeeeeeeeeeeery slowly).. but even than it's better to eat healthy :)

so have enough discipline.. and think of the goal you want to reach.. and remember that this is not something temporary.. you're changing your lifestyle.. and that's always hard.. so discipline is the key ;)

08-07-06, 14:18
^ totally agree.

Its the initial break in the habit thats hard to do but then once your body gets adjusted to it, it just comes naturally to you.

For others, its easy all the way. It just depends on HOW much you want a healthy lifestyle :wve:

08-07-06, 15:10
My advice would be to keep everything moderation, don't follow any fad diets and stay away from processed food, the more fresh food you're eating the better. By all means treat yourself every once in a while too (it'll help you to stop binging when it becomes too much to resist). Also, take advantage of the weather this time of the year by going out for regular walks or cycling or you could join a sports class in tennis or football or even martial arts! it's up to you! ;)

08-07-06, 18:04
I was going to join the gym, but my freakish big brother said I'm too young, but I'm 15 is that too young for a person my age to go to the gym?

08-07-06, 18:04
Nah that's not too young.. though at some gyms they won't let you do some things, but cardio is no problem. :)

08-07-06, 18:13
Tip: don't diet, it never does you any good. :D Just learn how to eat unhealthy things in moderation. They can be lived without surprisingly easily. :wve:

Legend of Lara
08-07-06, 18:35
Don't go on a diet. Just don't overeat. :)

08-07-06, 18:38
you must be right, although today, I ate regularly, but I never overeat,
by the way, Im 15, 'and Im a boy'...lol, and I weigh 71, is that too overweight for a person my age??

08-07-06, 20:14
Well it depends on your height and at 15 your body is still growing so working out your BMI doesn't really work. I guess you mean kilograms, well I am 15 and male and am about 50kg, but I am short..

08-07-06, 20:51
Heyo, the_force!

I have read all the above, and agreed mostly - then I saw your age is 15. Well, I don't even like the word "diet" used like that cos it implies a stop date. Let you have a think about your lifestyle instead! I don't think you mentioned sports or hobbies at all, but try to find something you enjoy. It doesn't have to be difficult (I am allergic to gymnasia!) - walking is one of the best exercises.

How and what one eats (diet!:D) is important, of course. What I say now is a little naughty, so close your eyes...! The English comedian Jasper Carrott asked "Why are you so fat?"....

And his answer was "It's cos this hole [*points to mouth*] is bigger than this hole[*points somewhere else*]!"

I hope that helps :)!

H4L:wve: [Jessika]

08-07-06, 20:57
Diets = baaaad...

I've struggled with my weight all my life. I won't lie - I still do, but dieting has NEVER done me any favours. Just try to eat right - fruit, veg, cut out the ready meals - eat sensibly. Learn to love yourself! :D :hug: We all can't be skinny rakes (however, knowing most people who seem to want to diet, I bet you're gorgeous and never needed to even think about diets in the first place...) - I just thank the Goddess that even though I carry a bit of extra weight, I've got a healthy heart and a man who adores me (I have just asked for confirmation on that one - I won't repeat what he said, but the upshot is that yes, he does adore me...). The last thing you want to do is get in a diet spiral - the do no one any favours at all!

08-07-06, 21:08
Trust me, of someone would develope a way to gain weight in a healthy way and keep it on, then they have done this world (and me) a huge favor. Dieting is for moots.

09-07-06, 00:57
Why go on a diet?

Around this time last year I weighed around 180 pounds, and now about a year later I only weigh 144 pounds. Oh, and believe me I didn't go on a diet! :p I eat pretty much the same as I did when I was overweight. The only thing I really do different is the fact that I actually exercise. That's all you have to do, exercise, and just don't overeat of course. ;) I mean I still eat whatever I want, I just eat smaller portions.

15 isn't too young to go to the gym. You should definitely start going! Lifting weights is a great way to lose weight, and also doing a good amount of cardio everyday. When I fist started really exercising I would lift weights 3 times a week, walk/run for around 30-60 minutes a day, and then as the weeks/months went by I started doing more. I don't know what else to tell you just start exercising and don't overeat! You have to be dedicated though, and don't give up if you don't see the results you want as soon as you expect. Just stay with whatever exercise routine you choose to do. It's been one year for me since I became serious about getting in better shape. I went from barely being able to run a mile, to running 4 miles everyday with no problem. Trust me, you can do it too! :D

Lol, I sound like a weight loss advertisement. :p