View Full Version : My Best-Friend Past Away Today :(

08-07-06, 14:59
Today was one of the worst days ever. First I got abused on MSN about my Level Making abilities and now this. My Best friend died in hospital :( She was 1month pregnant and her mother didnt know about it, she didnt want her to find out so the stupid idiot she was goes and over-doses with dexi anphetamines :( It killed the Baby and Killed her :( Man, this has been a dificult day. She said that if she took the Dexi's it would kill the baby but it wouldnt kill her, but she was very wrong. :mad:


08-07-06, 15:02
Omg... this is a very personal matter... whether it helps or not posting on a forum, its not always advised.
I'm sorry to hear about it, i hope she rests in peace.

Suicide or anything of that sort should never be an option, and never will be an option for me and my friends or anybody that knows me, life is too precious, and think its a very cowardly thing.
Whether it was accidental or not.

The next few weeks will be hard.
My sympathy goes out to her family and close friends.

08-07-06, 15:03
I am terrible sorry mate. life is this way, we must go on, and let the souls of our lovely dearest ones to rest in peace:hug:

08-07-06, 15:05
Omg. I'm so very sorry mizuno :hug: :(

08-07-06, 15:06
omg.. sorry to hear about it.. that's terrible :(..

was she so afraid of her mother finding out?

Tomb Raider 5194
08-07-06, 15:07
Im really sorry for you it has to be hard to lose a close friend, friend or relative. Hope she rests in peace.:(

08-07-06, 15:07
oh im so sorry to hear about it :hug: . i hope you and her family remember her for who she was and confort her family as a loving friend

08-07-06, 15:09
Thankyou Guys. I just didnt want people thinking something was wrong and ask me etc.. But yeh. Thankyou again for the support.

Lara Croft!
08-07-06, 15:13
This is terrible news.I'm so sorry!!!!I hope that they both rest in peace!!!!

Mad Tony
08-07-06, 15:23
I hope you feel better soon :hug:

08-07-06, 15:26
OMG, that's terrible!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( No word can describe how horrible that is, but here's a hug. :hug:

08-07-06, 15:30
OMG, that's terrible!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( No word can describe how horrible that is, but here's a hug. :hug:

I'll borrow that line... :(
Sorry... :hug:

08-07-06, 15:51
Thats really terrible. i feel sorry for you :hug: :(

08-07-06, 15:56
Yeah. She was really worried about her mum finding out. I can understand why too :( Well, im going to go outside for a drag and im going to bed. Goodnight everyone. Sweet Dreams. Talk tomorrow :(


08-07-06, 15:59
We're Sorry for you,

i hope you'll find some peace. The Forum sympathises whit you...

08-07-06, 16:03
I'm sorry :hug:

Legend of Lara
08-07-06, 16:04
:( I'm very sorry. :hug:

08-07-06, 16:31
Man that its terrible :(

Im so sorry :(

08-07-06, 16:32
Oh :( Its really sad when someone dies, but if they have a baby inside them its much, much worse :(:( I hope you feel better soon

08-07-06, 22:29
I'm so sorry

08-07-06, 23:25
All that I can say is that i'm sorry for you :(

TR luver7
09-07-06, 00:55
im really sorry to hear this, i hope you get through it ok, i've never lost anyone special to me before and i feel really bad for you, but i hope your ok

09-07-06, 01:34
OMG!! Im so sorry Mizuno!! Its not monique is it? :hug: Here's to you feeling better soon, and for them to rest in peace. :)

09-07-06, 01:42
omg..I'm so sorry..:(

09-07-06, 01:58
Oh, that's horrible.. :( I'm so sorry.

09-07-06, 02:46
Thanks for all the sorrys everyone :( No, it wasnt Monique Josh

Melonie Tomb Raider
09-07-06, 03:31
Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear this! This is terrible news! :( I will be praying for you and her family, this must be so difficult for you to go through. If you ever need anyone to talk to just let me know. I know we don't know each other, but I'm still here for you if you need anyone. Like I said before, I'll be praying. I'm so sorry you had to go through this tragedy.

09-07-06, 03:59
woah, im so sorry

09-07-06, 11:13
oh im really sorry :hug:

its not the girl hoo ran playerz with you is it :(

09-07-06, 11:51
very sorry to.

09-07-06, 14:58
Thanks Guys. I cant believe you remember playerz, you just reminded me :p

As someone said in another thread, Yes, she was a Lesbian, and she was forced into sex with a Man who was ALOT older. I dont want to continue so yeah :( Thank you heaps for that MTR, Thats very nice of you!

09-07-06, 15:50
i'm sorry :hug:

09-07-06, 15:52
That's absolutely terrible, I hope you're being looked after. Such a tragedy touches everyone involved. :hug: My sympathies to you all.