View Full Version : How much time do you spend on TRF on the average day?

10-07-06, 11:26
Confess!! Mwhahahaha! :mis:

10-07-06, 11:27
About 5 hours... But there was one time, when I spent 10 hours. (New Year) :D

10-07-06, 11:27
Um, not sure. :o Maybe an hour or two (or three), though before I'd probably spend longer. :D

Jin Uzuki
10-07-06, 11:31
Three hours at most, I believe. :wve:

10-07-06, 11:34
Till my brother is back. and it is about from 6am till 4am i guess. But Im not on all the time, becouse when I am in, then other ppl not. But usually about on those times (you count, Im bad at math).:D

10-07-06, 11:35
3 hours plus or minus

10-07-06, 11:38
about half my day lol:D

you can usually tell who comes on a lot by the number of posts they have:)

10-07-06, 11:42
2-3-4-5 hours with working of course :)

10-07-06, 11:55
now I can only spend an hour.. but usually.. i cant even count.. erm.. from 2 to 12? or more.. :p

10-07-06, 11:57
Somewhere between half an hour/one hour? I'm quite a forum lurker, but I've got lots of forums to visit. :)

10-07-06, 11:57
About 22 hours of my day! LOL OK not really but it feels like it!

10-07-06, 11:58
More than 6 hours, but spending time & posting are not the same :)

10-07-06, 13:10
Wow, I'm truly impressed by the time some you you spend here! :yik: :D

10-07-06, 13:16
Half of my day or something.

Lara Lover
10-07-06, 13:17
I spend most of my time on here. It's just a great site :tmb:

10-07-06, 13:18
depends some days only 5 mins others 5 or 6 hours depends what mood i'm in

da tomb raider!
10-07-06, 13:21
I spend about 2 hours a day on trf...

10-07-06, 13:30
Bloody hell! I didn't realise people spent so much time on here! I spend about half an hour each day. You can probably tell since I've only got about 400 posts in over a year lol.....

10-07-06, 13:49
I spend a lot more time now than I used to - I think it seems like I'm here more than I actually am, because I don't stay for a certain amount of time.

What I do (for all the Internet really) is come on every few hours to check my emails, my websites etc. - so I log on here, quickly check the new posts in the 'future games' forum, respond if I feel like it, then quickly check the new posts in this forum, respond if I feel like it and then close it down.

Then the same routine a few hours later (or less if I'm bored).

10-07-06, 14:09
Jun, how much do YOU spend time here?? :mis:

10-07-06, 14:12
I'm pretty much on all day... of course i go out for an hour or two, and sometimes i'm out all day.but... usually at night im on from 6pm till 3 am :o Thats bad!
Never mind the time in the morning and midday.

Tomb Raider 5194
10-07-06, 14:26
I sometimes stay 2 hours and something but then I go back for another hour depending on the threads that there are.

10-07-06, 14:29
err usually 6 hours but i do other stuff whlst im logged on.

10-07-06, 14:29
I don't go daily here... maximum 1 hour

10-07-06, 14:36
some hours:)

kill bill
10-07-06, 14:37
i spend around 13 hours here averadge.sometime 15 hours.

10-07-06, 14:45
It depends with me :p most likely 4-5 hours after school and on weekends 11 hours (and its nearly the holz so i wont be off TRF MWAHAHAAAA) :D

10-07-06, 15:23
depends, havent been on alot lately but im getting back into it, about an hour or 2 every now and then through out the day.

Melonie Tomb Raider
10-07-06, 15:25
Not too much. I did stay on an awful long time during those moments of the TR website being updated though. :p

Mad Tony
10-07-06, 15:26
A lot of the time! :D

10-07-06, 15:34
Jun, how much do YOU spend time here?? :mis:

Hehehe, you'd like to know, eh? :p

I'm here on and off during most days. Never more than an hour in a row, usually just for 10 to 20 minutes. I usually pop in beetween work, uni, wife, daughter and writing on my book. So I'm here frequently but not nearly as much as some of you guys!

Seriously people. Some of you almost belong into the "sad person, no life" category! :D ;)

10-07-06, 15:35
I'm actually on and off, although I stay logged in all day when I don't turn my computer off. So it varies from day to day, but usually, a lot. :p

10-07-06, 15:40
lol about 1-2 hours Ive stopped going on alot of forums so I come on here much more ;)
Nice new avatar btw Miss.Croft ;)

10-07-06, 15:43
For me It depends how actve and fun is the forum... Maybe 2 hours

Lara Croft!
10-07-06, 16:01
It's hard to say cause I do many things at the same time.My full attention has to be 2 hours,sometimes more,sometimes less!