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07-09-06, 14:14
Here is a thread to discuss Film Four and the films you might have recently watched on it. *evil laugh*

Anyway, I recommend that those who appreciate great cinema, films by Kubrick (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket) and aren't put off by films that were banned for violence watch A Clockwork Orange tomorrow on Film Four at 11.10pm

07-09-06, 14:15
being john malcovich. woah that was weird one!

07-09-06, 14:21
There's not been that much on F4 that I've enjoyed recently, though I keep my eye on the guide to see what's coming up :)

07-09-06, 15:09
Mulholland Dr. THAT'S an odd film I watched it once for screenwriting, that movie while unique, was really strange. I just finished watching (yet again) Hero. Excellent film. The cinematography was astonishing. Good fight sequences too.