View Full Version : 80s/90s movie buffs please help!

08-11-06, 17:54
This is the most random post I know

I'm trying to remember a title with very little to go on.

It was a Dinosaur movie of some sort.

This movie is set with a bunch of teens (I believe 4-5ish) that somehow end up back in time in a prehistoric world. They run from dinosaurs and I believe a cave woman or man is helping them along their way. I remember them all climbing up a volcano or mountain. I also remember there being a dinosaur city.

I tried searching google and came up short. One site had someone describing something similar but no one responded to their post.

If anyone can help my childhood will love you.

I'm trying to collect all of my favorite childhood movies.

08-11-06, 18:06
Dinotopia, I think. But I'm not sure.

09-11-06, 16:25
the only one i can think of is Prehysteria! (1993)