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24-01-07, 22:08
Recently in the news wo teeneagers came home and found their parents dead. What would you do if this happened to you? I would be shocked. Id half to gather up my siblings and tell them i take care of them. Not saying i wouldnt. I WILL ALWAYS TAKE CARE of them. It would be the hardest to tell them what happened:(

24-01-07, 22:11
If I knew the teenagers:
Honestly, Id just leave it to my mum and dad to decide.
If they wered my cousins.. my mum and dad would most probably take them in. Unless there like.. distant cousins.

If I WAS the teenager:
Id cry, Call the police, and protend im dumb and leave police to sort everyfingk out.

24-01-07, 23:55
Call the police and my siblings, aye.

25-01-07, 00:34
I'd have a total breakdown.

25-01-07, 00:35
Probably call the police etc, sort it all out then feel like my lifes over.

25-01-07, 00:37
I don't think anybody actually know's what they'd do untill they're put into that situation.

25-01-07, 00:49
Well recently my baby brother had a feverel seizure and i was going nuts!!! o0o my god i had a breakdown i had to fix myself up and take care of my sisters. luckily he survived. Imagine losing ur mom and dad in one shot!!

the hooliganz
25-01-07, 09:41
i'm going to faint, and when i wake i'm going to crack

25-01-07, 10:54
I don't have any siblings, and my family all live hours away, my boyfriend lives on the other side the country too and has his kids to worry about. I wouldn t want to bother anyone else, so I'd do what i usually do in a crisis, stay calm and deal with it...i guess id just call the police an ambulance etc, get everything sorted out... then phone my parents family and explain what happened.... then once everything was sorted out people had been notified etc and id driven to my other halves... then id collapse into a heap!

25-01-07, 11:13
I don't think anybody actually know's what they'd do untill they're put into that situation.

Exactly, but I'd probably end up like this in a second:

I'd have a total breakdown.