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29-01-07, 12:52
This has to be the craziest mornings ever! first i wake up half and hour late... Fun upstairs and plug my MP3 player( got it recently around 3 weeks ago ) in to charge. Run over to make breakfast, cereal =3 it was coco pebbles xD Anyways, I came back to see a message on my screen of the player. Something like " could not load main menu, Blah Blah USB Blah Blah " I was super mad! i tried to get it to turn off and it, wouldn't. Tried to unplug it... just restarted... I ended up plugging it back in to look at the drive itself and stuff...in place of my drive was one called " 15MB something or another " literally called something or another :S and it was listed to only contain 15MBs... the player is suppose to have 2GBs... I wanted to shut it off so i sat there holding of for around 2 minutes walking around the house with it... and it shut off. I then dug out my old CD player to use... i need my music. So then yeah i get my stuff on and head out to the bus stop at 6:47AM ( bus comes at 6:52AM ). Was happy i was kinda early so i started talking to the 3 other people there... we sat for 5 minutes, nothing. Sat for 10 minutes... still nothing. Finally after sitting there for 37 minutes we all were super mad that the bus never came... or came WAY to early. I was afraid my dad would ground me saying it was my fault somehow :S Anyways i got back inside the house called my dad he was all " Are you sure you didn't just sleep in? Oh well... i guess i will call you in sick then " and he took it very lightly which is very unlike him :S i was grounded for 3 months once for missing the bus ( I chased it like 2 blocks till i finally tripped on my German book and fell on my face :( ) Soooooo then yeah... my day got a little better... i got to stay home from school and get an extended weekend, and at the same time not get in trouble from it =3 ... But there was still the case of my broken mp3. I decided to devote my day into fixing it. I turn it on... AND IT WORKS FINE! which made me mad at first... but then kinda happy xD my day went from Horrible to great =3 Was one craaaaaaaazy morning

Anyone else ever had there luck change from horrible to great within 2 hours? xD

29-01-07, 12:56
Whoa! Hmm... I don't think I've had such a case, however.

star girl
29-01-07, 14:21
Nope... the government's given a holiday for tofay and tomorrow... I have a LOOOOOOONGG weekend! :yah:

29-01-07, 14:27
Anyone else ever had there luck change from horrible to great within 2 hours? xD
Sure, happens quite often. I wake up in an awful mood, get to school late, sometimes get a low mark (has not happened for a while since I'm not studying maths or chemistry anymore :jmp:) and after the hard classes I always have English (I'm so lucky :D ) and hey presto- good marks + good mood instantaneously!