View Full Version : Whats Your Favourite Tomb Rider Level Ever ??

29-01-07, 17:00
Whats everyones favourite tomb raider level ever ??
Mine would have to be the Caves in tomb raider 1 or a couple of levels in tomb raider legend coz tomb raider legend is the only tomb raider game ive actually completed LoL. Oh i forgot to say the Venice level in tr 2 was cool. :)

29-01-07, 17:07
there was a poll on this a while back and the lost valley won by a mile:wve:

29-01-07, 17:22
Gallows Tree :tmb:

Mad Tony
29-01-07, 17:33
there was a poll on this a while back and the lost valley won by a mile:wve:
But that poll was on selected levels who had won previous polls.
I think this one is one of those individual questions.

Anywho, my favorite is Crash Site from TR III. :)

29-01-07, 17:53
Parisian ghetto:p

Just kidding :vlol: I'd have to say the lost valley, or maybe venice, nah...I cant choose:p

29-01-07, 17:53
One of my favourites is The Sinking Sub - TRC.


Legend of Lara
29-01-07, 17:54
Caves, TR1. It brings back so many mermories.

29-01-07, 19:20
There are lots of levels I really like, but Lost Valley probably wouldn't be one of them. Too overrated - it'd suck without the T-Rex.

da tomb raider!
29-01-07, 19:22
It used to be City, but now it's Crash Site from Tomb Raider III. :tmb: :D

Destroyer Op 89
29-01-07, 19:23
favorite level...thats like asking to sum up my fav food!!:D but if you must know ...id say the venice levels...those were lovely:) !!!

29-01-07, 19:23
Three words:





Destroyer Op 89
29-01-07, 19:25
that level always got to me lol..it was booby trap mania :D to test your skills at a very high point haha :D

29-01-07, 19:32
Temple Ruins or Peru:jmp:

29-01-07, 19:35
Probably Atlantis.

But I loved the underwater levels in TRII [Minus 40 Fathoms _] , like, the last 5 level's from TRI and the Black Isle and Submarine level's in TRC. :D

Chug a Bug
29-01-07, 19:38
Probably Floating Islands or Temple of Xian from TR2. It was the first TR game I played and they were so... memorable. Or maybe the Venice levels or the Opera House... oh hang it I love 'em all!

29-01-07, 19:39
Not again :rolleyes: :yik :rolleyes: :p

Hmmm, probably city of vilcabamba or the great pyramid :)

Laras Backpack
29-01-07, 19:42
I'll have to pick my faves from TRs1-5. I just can't pick one- it's too painful. :D
TR1: Atlantis
TR2: Opera House/ The Deck/ Barkhang Monastery
TR3: Crash Site
TR4: Cairo Levels/ Alexandria
TR5: Gallows Tree

29-01-07, 19:54
The Cistern! =3
Has to be one of the most beautiful levels ever :tmb:

29-01-07, 20:35
Hmmm.... probably Legend Japan, I don't know there was something striking about seeing Lara with her hair down. I was like....NO it CAN'T BE! And I like city levels, then TR3 Nevada Desert wasn't too bad either. :)

TR freak
29-01-07, 20:49
Either Barkhang monastary, temple of Xian or lost library.

29-01-07, 20:57
TR1 - Sanctuary of Scion
TR2 - Temple of Xian, Floating Islands
TR5 - All of the Ireland level
TR6 - Aquatic Research Area
TR7 - England,Ghana

the hooliganz
30-01-07, 02:11
Nepal - the ghalili key
The coastal village

Ada the Mental
30-01-07, 11:35
I can't choose that!
Ok,I'll give it a try...
Tomb of ancienrs.
No,Temple of Xian!
No.The Gallows Tree!
Or the Great Pyramid!

30-01-07, 12:37
Ι can't make up my mind between

- cistern
- burial chambers
- trajan markets

30-01-07, 13:05
The Lost Valley & Crash Site

30-01-07, 13:06
40 Fathoms !!!

Best level for ever !!! :D :D :D

George Orr
30-01-07, 16:40
You never forget your first love.

#1- St.Francis Folly.
Lost Valley is a close 2nd.

I narrowed my choice down by picking my favorite all around TR game and then the most memorable level in that game.

Lara Croft!
30-01-07, 17:17
Offshore rig
MAdubu Gorge
Escape with the Iris
Sinking submarine
Bio research facility

AAArrghhh...I can't pic one!

30-01-07, 17:19
Sanctuary Of The Scion


Mikel Croft
30-01-07, 17:34
It would be impossible for me to choose.

30-01-07, 18:08
TR3 - Temple Ruins

30-01-07, 18:10
My favourite Tomb Rider level is anything from TR4 ;)


30-01-07, 19:46
It's a hard decision to make, but I'd have to say Venice. I've had two dreams about it, and it's the level 'Venice Violins' plays. :D

30-01-07, 19:56
I think I can only say when TRAE comes out because most levels are going to be epic, they're talking about a motorbike level where you have to dislodge rocks and shoot things to make paths, even about 'inch perfect' grans, so I'll can and will only say when I;ve played AE. :)

in these arms
30-01-07, 21:22
Lost Valley, Tomb of Tihocan, Tomb of Qualopec, Bartoli's Hideout, Crash Site, Nepal.

30-01-07, 21:47
The Lost Valley (TR1)
St. Franics Folly (TR1)
Nepal (TRL)

I love them all so much!!! :D

30-01-07, 22:33
All the levels in Venice from TRII.