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02-02-07, 19:04
What have you people planned for work experience this year. If you;ve already donme your work experience what did you do?

Some ppl in my school a few years back went to join the navy and was actually flown to school on a helicopter!

I sent my application off this afternoon for the Norwegian Consulate but I'm quite worried. Is there a good chance I would be accepted to work in a consulate? The consulate here is speaks English but I don;t know if I would get rejected or not?

02-02-07, 19:07
My work experience is next year, and i haven'y a clue:wve:

02-02-07, 19:14
I was a teaching assistant at the primary school I went to as a kid. It was cool meeting up with some of the teachers I knew as a child. One of the best things about it is that I got the kids to learn about Japanese language and culture. (one of my big interests). It was great to be able to teach them something - I find it very fulfilling and I guess that's what makes me want to go and try out teaching in Japan as a gap year after I finish college.

With the right work experience, you could find that it inspires you a lot like it did with me. My only bit of advice would be to apply early and enjoy it :)

02-02-07, 19:20
i started my second semester of college a couple of weeks ago. i'm taking a journalism practicum for one credit hour working for the campus newspaper. i enjoy it but since it's a practicum, i do not receive pay. i wrote my first article this week and went and spoke with the editor a little while ago. she says that it'll probably run in the paper next week and that she was very impressed (even more so since it was the first thing i had ever written that would be published.) :) i'm excited to say the least

02-02-07, 19:20
I would never work with children, they always seem to ask me questions that I don't know the answer to.. :whi:

02-02-07, 19:24
Or question's you can't answer in fear of being thrown out :whi:


Hmmm, well i do mine next year, im gonna do asda or HMV, maybe woolies :p

02-02-07, 19:28
I would never work with children, they always seem to ask me questions that I don't know the answer to.. :whi:

Or question's you can't answer in fear of being thrown out :whi:


There's no doubt the funny/awkward side to it as well. I know this is a bit off topic but I've read quite a few editorials by this schoolyeacher in Japan. Its a very unique take on life there and its pretty funny:

02-02-07, 19:34
My school has changed, and doesn't do work experience anymore. ;)

02-02-07, 19:48
my school is borning and i think we do iot in year 12 or 13, but only for 2 days|! The high schoo across the street (the all girls school) did work expirience in year 10 and did it for a fortnight.

02-02-07, 20:22
Ahh is this the same as an internship? I have my internship next year and really don't know what company I could even try to ask... >_<

02-02-07, 20:29
I worked in my old primary school. Being a two-minute walk down the road, that was especially convenient. Plus I could go home for lunch and a bout of Halo 2. :D

02-02-07, 22:01
OMG I couldnt go to my primary school. I know it sounds fun teaching and that but when your in 6th form you get little Year 7's coming up to you cvalling you Mr O'Shaughnessy infront of your mates:cln:
Anways ppl, whats the chances of me getting accepted for the norwegian consulate?

02-02-07, 22:08
Alot about people and the way people are.