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02-02-07, 23:35
Do any of you people think that when someone you never notice, changed something about their image; eg: changing their hair colour; it makes you develop a crush? Its happened to me a lot! This girl called Millie died her hair like brown, but with light streaks and a red tint. She used to be blonde (and really dumb) and suddenly I've noticed her and I think I'm developing a crush:hea:

Has this happened for anyone before?:confused:

Mad Tony
02-02-07, 23:36
I seriously doubt this is true for me, as I usually go on personality as well as appearance.

02-02-07, 23:41
Did that make her smarter too, since she apparently was dumb before? XD

02-02-07, 23:43
I have no idea, I think it was just because I noticed her more and I seen what she was like.

02-02-07, 23:46
Sometimes when you change small details like streaks in your hair, it brings out other things others may not have noticed about you before, like your eyes or the shape of your face.

02-02-07, 23:47
Really not ever happened for me!

If someone changes something about themselves and I notice, then I doubt it'd = a crush on my behalf.

If someone decided to change by combing their hair the other way then it'd be different, but if you don't already feel attracted to them I doubt it's going to make much difference on that front!

02-02-07, 23:50
Something as minor as changing hair color wouldn't make me develop feelings for someone. On a purely physical level, it would take a major overhaul. Usually it's the personality that I'm attracted to.

Lara Croft!
02-02-07, 23:56
Only with major changes I would change my opinion on if I find someone attractive.For example to lose a lot of weight if he is fat or to work out a lot etc...

03-02-07, 00:10
Yup turned out to be a best mate then a girlfriend then back to best mate :)

03-02-07, 00:27
Or maybe you've always liked her deep down inside, but now your feelings are just starting to be apparent to you. Maybe the hair change just happened to coincidentally take place during this time?