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truetifoso 21-06-22 05:16

Ran out of broad arrowhead
I used up all of my climbing ropes.

Where can I get more and/or can I craft them?

Heartache 22-06-22 05:16

you just need to use normal arrows on the specific areas they are designed for (bright brown walls)

truetifoso 22-06-22 05:57

I get a warning that says I don't have the right gear.

Heartache 22-06-22 12:24

Then you did not find them yet.

after you have been in research base lara will head back to copper mill bridge, located in a more upper area. there you can find a chest with the arrows in it and unlock the skill

truetifoso 23-06-22 03:56

Thank you.
First of all, youíre responses are proof this TR community rocks.

Everyone is so nice and helpful.

Speaking of the copper mill, I opened that up about eight hours ago while I was randomly wandering, not knowing that the story would tell me I need to reconnect with Jacob at the Cooper Mill.

I watched a video about this, and it shows that I need to break open the Millís doors to start the sequence of this mission, but as I said, I did this hours ago and canít start the sequence.


Heartache 23-06-22 17:48

after finding the source and showing it to jacob, jonah gets kidnapped and then a cutscene starts which brings you to copper mill bridge.

its not the same place as the one you think about.

those climbing arrows are located there

truetifoso 23-06-22 18:37

Video - finding Jacob
As youíll see in this video, part of the sequence involves breaking down a rope wall whichever triggers Jacob talking Rommel Laura and instructing her to get to the table of the mill.

Is there another way to start the missions? As I said, I broke this barrier down hours before this.


Heartache 24-06-22 08:24

like i said previously, this is not the part im talking about. lara goes BACK to the soviet installation to rescue jonah later in the game.

i dont know where you are in the game. but you get those arrows as part of the story. if you dont have them yet then you arent supposed to have them yet.

Rai 24-06-22 08:53

It maybe helpful if you tell us where in the story you had got to before you played around in the hub. Because it seems to me that you've played in the hub area for ages. I think you get to the copper mill before you meet Jacob and then go back. It might be that you've missed a story trigger somewhere else because you've been playing in the hub. If you could tell where you got to, it might help in getting you back on track.

perryloo 25-06-22 05:49

You can get lost in that hub.

As others have said above, refer to walkthroughs and videos to move further on in the story. It can be frustrating going around in circles, so you do have to end up cheating by getting the route out via walkthroughs. I say its not really cheating as its a helping hand when stuck.

I remember way back with my first hub ever in a Tomb raider game and it was very confusing where to go. Had never seen a hub before in a video game. That game was TR4, in Coastal ruins level, which took you to a lot of levels.

Now years later, I still get confused in hubs LOL.

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