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Scilli 30-09-20 16:18

TR - Retrospective with Adrian Smith
In case you did not see this Interview, i leave that here.
Thank you to SteveOfWarr for putting this together.


michaeldt 30-09-20 18:12

Saw this not too long ago, was a really nice and heartwarming watch :p.

tlr online 30-09-20 18:43

Thank you for posting.

Scilli 30-09-20 19:39


Originally Posted by michaeldt (Post 8243147)
Saw this not too long ago, was a really nice and heartwarming watch :p.

Its amazing that after all these years, this is still so fresh on their minds


Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 8243159)
Thank you for posting.

You are very welcome

gidierre 28-10-20 12:52

many thanks for the link.

Greatest TR 05-11-20 14:48

It's been a long time, good to see him again

I bump into him in HMV store at Oxford when I was 11 years old back in 2001. I didn't know too much about him back thyen sadly. Very humble guy.

UniMatrixXB 12-02-21 23:13

Thank you so much for posting the video, this is a real treasure. Lucky SteveOfWarr having Adrian for an interview.:)

Larasenpai 14-02-21 06:22

I found this very interesting! Thank you for sharing. :)

TRJTA 14-02-21 16:21

Very interesting to hear he would most like to go back to the development of AOD. It really deserved it indeed...

HaniHeger 14-02-21 20:00

This video is gold content, I wish we would have more interviews with other members of the production team :cry:

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