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Feather Duster 11-06-08 05:29

Oh, I wanted to something with the steam holes, oh well, how about I make another one?

ChingKong 11-06-08 05:30

Sure! go for it! :jmp:

iamlaracroft 11-06-08 05:32

lol has anyone made a ch-ch-ch-chia pet underpus yet???

"Like, omigod. It's SOOO nasty in here!" lol love it feather

I may have to go make one myself now....

Feather Duster 11-06-08 05:33

on it!



iamlaracroft 11-06-08 06:21

Nice work Feather!! You're so good!

Feather Duster 11-06-08 06:29

sumbody needs to shave! I love it it's cute!:D

iamlaracroft 11-06-08 06:33


like, omigod, that's an [I]Hermes[/I], not a Chanel!


Feather Duster 11-06-08 06:36

[QUOTE=iamlaracroft;2768611]like, omigod, that's an [I]Hermes[/I], not a Chanel!


wrinkles eyebrows

iamlaracroft 11-06-08 07:11


Feather Duster 11-06-08 07:17




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