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tampi 06-06-08 23:31

:eek: Now I can undertand "monty python's" rules :eek:

two hours!!!!!!!:o

Nausinous 06-06-08 23:33

This thread's got me in tears its soo funny :vlol:

Sir Croft 06-06-08 23:38


iamlaracroft 06-06-08 23:40

^the BEST one so far lol omg, i'm going to change my siggy right now...

Rivendell 06-06-08 23:45

:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

JACOBryanBURNS 06-06-08 23:45

[quote=Sir Croft;2757545][IMG]http://i27.************/2nh3u2p.jpg[/IMG][/quote]

ZOMG! :vlol:

Ward Dragon 06-06-08 23:45

I love this thread :vlol: :jmp:

b0bb13 06-06-08 23:48

Dies of laughter!:D

Rivendell 06-06-08 23:48


tlr online 06-06-08 23:49


LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! :vlol:

tlr online 06-06-08 23:50

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2757545][IMG]http://i27.************/2nh3u2p.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE]

I bet my tights this will be a modding favourite once the game is out!

Sir Croft 06-06-08 23:51

ROFL @ Riv's Underpus :vlol:

[QUOTE=tlr online;2757577]I bet my tights this will be a modding favourite once the game is out![/QUOTE]

You can be sure I'll try that as soon as possible! :p

MattTR 06-06-08 23:53

Wow, these made my day! :vlol:

The creativity among us is outstanding! :D

b0bb13 07-06-08 00:03


May the Underpus be with you.


tlr online 07-06-08 00:03

The Cod Father

b0bb13 07-06-08 00:04

^Oh My God!:vlol:

Rivendell 07-06-08 00:10

Heavenly Underpus! :vlol: It works so well as the Codfather too :D
But would he work on a tropical island?


Sir Croft 07-06-08 00:12

^ ROFL :vlol:


AmericanAssassin 07-06-08 00:13

:vlol: These are soooooooooo funny! :p

MattTR 07-06-08 00:16

Haha! Can't stop laughing at all these, got my attempt. :D

b0bb13 07-06-08 00:20

:vlol:This thread is just too funny.:D


MattTR 07-06-08 00:20



Rivendell 07-06-08 00:23

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2757613]^ ROFL :vlol:


:yik: Damn cool! :D

Lenochka 07-06-08 00:28

These are so amazing! :vlol:

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2757545][IMG]http://i27.************/2nh3u2p.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE]

Best one so far! :D

Rivendell 07-06-08 00:32

Underpus phone home!


ben croft 07-06-08 01:03



Zique 07-06-08 01:10


tlr online 07-06-08 01:11

Outstanding :tmb:

MattTR 07-06-08 01:13

[QUOTE=tlr online;2757714]Outstanding :tmb:[/QUOTE]

New modding competition.

The Underpus! ;)

:BitterSweet: 07-06-08 01:15

This thread is so funny!! :tea:

Favourite thread!! :ton:

thevman 07-06-08 01:35


Bobbi, I love the furby!!! :vlol: This thread is hilarious!!!! :vlol::vlol::vlol: I move you make it a sticky and a competition! :tmb: Kind of like the old age lara thread was... ;)

How come no on has done the obvious title??? James Bond in Underpussy! :ton:

Lenochka 07-06-08 01:45

I couldn't resist[IMG][/IMG]

MattTR 07-06-08 01:48

Aww, it looks like Brittany is having a little baby Underpus. :o

Sir Croft 07-06-08 01:50

[QUOTE=MattTR;2757759]^ Now that's funny.

Well, it looks better then what was there before. :vlol:[/QUOTE]

I don't think so.

iamlaracroft 07-06-08 01:51


I couldn't resist [IMG][/IMG][/QUOTE]

ok ok, THAT is the best one so far!!!


OMG :vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MattTR 07-06-08 01:51

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2757761]I don't think so.[/QUOTE]

What? You quoted something I never said! :rolleyes:

Sir Croft 07-06-08 01:52

[QUOTE=MattTR;2757763]What? You quoted something I never said! :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Damn you! :smk:


MattTR 07-06-08 01:58

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2757764]Damn you! :smk:



JACOBryanBURNS 07-06-08 02:02

They tried to make me go to rehab....
I said ah-no, no, no.

MattTR 07-06-08 02:03

[QUOTE=JACOBryanBURNS;2757773]They tried to make me go to rehab....
I said ah-no, no, no.[/QUOTE]

Wait, I don't get it.

Why is there Silly String above its head?


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