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lcroft_lc 06-01-12 18:38

Nice idea.

This will be paradise for Spamming. :D :p


Lukass 06-01-12 18:50

In b4 da lock!

TRexbait 06-01-12 18:52

[QUOTE=Mikky;5903526][font=Arial Black][color=Sienna]




See, no-one else would fit more perfectly. :)[/color][/font][/QUOTE]

Maybe for a tribute or something... Sorry. I just don't like vocal singers for trailers. The Underworld trailer was basically the only exception.

Maybe it could work, but I'm a bit skeptical.

danraid 06-01-12 18:59

[B]Glee- Don't Stop Believing[/B] would be the perfect main theme..

ajrich17901 06-01-12 19:13

GLEE and TR in the same sentence..I don't even..

Adrenaline 06-01-12 19:16


lol plus 1.

I am so excited for this game. I know the story and gameplay is going to be intense, incredible, and unbelievable! I never felt so emotional about a tomb raider game before. .. All of those threads about uncovering little clues about the game made me so pumped! :D I can't wait to learn about the island, and get immersed into the horror aspect of the game. :D

danraid 06-01-12 19:19

But serious about the music, have anyone seen the new music trailer of Journey? Really beautiful, I could defiantly hear similar music work for the new game.


SweetFireworks 06-01-12 19:35

[QUOTE=Mikky;5903487][font=Arial Black][color=Sienna]

I'm deadly serious. Rachel's voice would be a perfect match for the mood of this game. :cln:[/color][/font][/QUOTE]

I thought the mood should be dark and horrifying instead of happy and bright?

Lukass 06-01-12 19:36

[QUOTE=SweetFireworks;5903627]I thought the mood should be dark and horrifying instead of happy and bright?[/QUOTE]

I think that too.

klona 06-01-12 19:52

[QUOTE=ajrich17901;5903607]GLEE and TR in the same sentence..I don't even..[/QUOTE]

It would be a real shame if this thread gets closed. =/

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